Home automation uses to maintain temperature and save money

How home automation helps maintain temperature

if you are looking for save on electricity or gas bills, something important is to control the temperature of the house and the way in which you use the heating or air conditioning. These devices are some of the ones that are going to consume the most. This is where home automation comes into play, as it can help us better manage the temperature.

Schedule power on or off

Undoubtedly one of the most common uses is to be able to turn off or turn on the heating and air conditioning remote form. If, for example, we are away from home and we are going to arrive soon, we can press the button from the mobile to turn on the heating. No need to leave it on for hours.

Something similar happens with the shutdown. If we forget to turn it off, if we thought we were going to be away for a short time and we are going to be hours late, or if we simply want to program it to turn off at a certain time at night, we can do it thanks to home automation. This will help reduce electricity and gas bills.

Configure temperature plans

This is also something that allows home automation. Beyond turning the heating or air conditioning on or off, you can also control what temperature they will be at and at what times of the day. For example, you might want to put the heating at 19 degrees in the morning, lower it to 17 throughout the day and return to 19 or 20 in the evening. You do not need to make these changes manually.

In this way, you can create a temperature plan that suits what you need. The goal is to save energy. Maybe you don’t need it to be always at the same temperature and you can keep it at a lower temperature during certain hours. This management can be done from the mobile phone.

Detect open doors or windows

There are also sensors that we can place in the Windows and doors of the home to detect when they are opened. If we have the heating on, it does not matter if there is an open window, for example. These home automation devices will alert us to this and we will be able to take measures to save.

They are basically made up of two parts: one is placed on the door or window and the other, a small magnet, on the frame. They are only a few millimeters apart and as soon as they are separated (when the door or window is opened) it launches a warning. It takes just a few seconds and that notice can reach our mobile.

control by zones

One more measure to maintain the temperature in the home thanks to home automation is to be able to control by zones. Perhaps we are not interested in having the whole house at 20 degrees in winter, for example. It is possible that we are only in the living room and some room. Therefore, we would be wasting energy if we have the whole house at the same temperature.

What we do in this case is control by zones. We can create a plan so that at certain times a room has one temperature, while the rest of the day it has a lower temperature or even the heating is off.

Sensors in different rooms

We can achieve something similar with the thermometers. Not only are we going to know what temperature it is where we have the thermostat placed, but in each of the places that interest us. For example, knowing what temperature it is in a room where we are going to spend time working or studying, in the sleeping room, the kitchen, etc.

We can distribute temperature sensors to different places in the house and all of them will connect remotely with the mobile to always know what the temperature is. This will also help us avoid always having the air conditioning or heating on and be able to save, since we will only turn them on when necessary.

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