Home WiFi vs mobile data: Is there really a difference?

Differences between using Wi-Fi or mobile data

With our mobile phone We will be able to connect to both the home Wi-Fi network and also use mobile data. It is an alternative that we will be able to have almost anywhere today, since there are wireless networks available everywhere. But we must always know if it is convenient for us to really connect in one way or another.

Currently the truth is that in terms of speed there are not so many differences. Having 4G or even 5G coverage allows us to achieve good speeds and low latency when using mobile data, while fiber optics in the home also gives us stability and a good connection. But even so, there are still certain differences, since it will depend on the coverage that comes to us, the contracted rate, etc.

But if there is a key point it is the download limitation. While home broadband has unlimited Internet, connecting to mobile data will have a limit. Even “unlimited data” rates in the fine print have a limit, even if it is very high and difficult to reach.

In some cases there may not really be any major differences. For example, if you need to connect from a room where the Wi-Fi network is very weak, a good option is to simply connect mobile data. You will even be able to share a connection with other devices and create a wireless network.

When to use each option

So when should we use each option? In general terms we can say that connecting to the router, to the Wi-Fi network, it will be the main thing. It should be the first option as long as the conditions are right. In this way we guarantee that we will not have limitations in terms of downloads and thus not exhaust mobile data.

But there are circumstances in which it will be better to use mobile data. A clear example is when we have a device that does not receive a signal from the router and we do not have PLCs or repeaters that improve the signal. you will always be able share data with any mobile and be able to connect other devices without problems.

Another reason to use mobile data instead of Wi-Fi is if your broadband connection has problems. We may get bad speed, there may be occasional cuts, etc. In those cases it may be useful to connect via mobile data. Even if the power goes out and the router is turned off, it will be an option to continue browsing.

Therefore, as you can see today, the differences between connecting to Wi-Fi and through mobile data are small in many cases. Each of these options will be useful in certain circumstances, although in general the first alternative should be to connect to the router’s wireless network.

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