How far away can you put your WiFi PLCs at home

Distance at which Wi-Fi PLCs work

It must be taken into account that there is no exact thing, since it will depend on the model, the characteristics of the home and other factors. However, we will be able to make an estimate and you can calculate at what distance PLC Wi-Fi can work and whether or not you can improve the Internet network in your home.

On paper, good PLC devices could run about 200 meters through electrical wiring. That would be more than enough for most homes. Think that 200 meters is a long distance and it is rare that you need so much. But of course, that is a theoretical distance, as long as the conditions are optimal and the model you use is a guarantee.

What can influence? For example, if you place them or not in the same electrical circuit. If they are on the same connected circuit, everything will go much better. You will have no problem having a good connection in your home and the distance will not really be an impediment if the conditions are right.

And by suitable conditions we mainly mean the house wiring. If it is an old house and the electrical wiring is not in the best conditions, that can generate interference, noise and problems for the signal to reach correctly from one place to another. That is going to be something that affects, logically.

He too model. There will be cheap PLC devices that start to lose signal as soon as you place them 10 meters away, while others, even if they are 40 or 50 meters away, will continue to work very well. You must choose a quality model that allows you to cover a home correctly.

Plug in PLC devices

Mistakes to avoid

But in addition to all this, there are other errors that you must avoid to try to get closer to those 200 theoretical meters at which the PLC devices could work. For example, something important is that do not connect them to a power strip. Ideally, plug them directly into the electrical current, so that they work better.

Don’t put others either. electronic devices nearby. Do not put them next to a television, computer or any device that may cause interference. That could damage the quality of the connection and also cause the distance at which they can work to decrease a lot.

On the other hand, if you have a model with a integrated socketAlthough it may seem useful, it is best not to use it. When you connect any device to it, that can cause interference and limit the functionality of the PLCs. It is important to improve the signal from the PLCs and for this, avoiding connecting devices is key.

In short, as you can see, the theoretical distance at which the PLCs will work can be around 200 meters. But of course, as long as the conditions are optimal. The actual distance will depend on the model and the installation.

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