The OCU has the secret to saving you up to €1000 on your electricity bill!

Save on the electricity bill It’s something we all want to pay less for. But how much can we really save? In this article we echo what OCU has mentioned in order to save up to €1,000 a year in electricity. It is undoubtedly a significant amount, so making small changes or adjustments can come in handy. The goal is to better manage consumption.

Pay much less on the electricity bill

The OCU it usually releases tips for consumers to save when buying a product or using supplies. In this case, it is a recommendation to save a lot of money per year on the electricity bill. It is something that we can all do and see if we can really start paying less or not.

But what is this advice? They say that what we should do is regularly check the rate that we have contracted This means that a rate that seems good to you today may eventually become quite expensive. Therefore, having control is essential to spend less.

To arrive at this statement, they are based on a general case of a family that has hired a 4.6 kW power and consume some 3,500 kW year. As they say, the price difference between the different companies can even reach €1,000. This, logically, will depend on different factors. The first is the rate you have contracted and what you are already paying.

What does it mainly depend on? For example, if you have a rate with time discrimination or not. In many cases it will be convenient to use a rate that is cheaper at certain times if you spend more time at home in those sections. Other times, on the other hand, what will be better for you is to have a rate that costs the same regardless of the day.

You can not only save with the contracted rate

But you can not only save on the electricity bill based on the contracted rate. It is true that it will be something fundamental, something very important, but it is also use electrical appliances correctly. This can make you spend much less if you use them in an optimized way and do not have problems.

A very important factor is to control well the appliances with the highest consumption. For example, here we can talk about the refrigerator, air conditioning or heating. Maintaining a good temperature is going to be key and avoiding excessive consumption. You can also use eco programs on many devices and prevent them from consuming as much as possible.

The home automation In this sense it can help a lot. You could use a smart plug to turn the heating on or off, for example. Also to check how much something consumes and see how you can reduce spending. All this will help you to have greater control, which in the end is essential. Sometimes you will have to troubleshoot when Wi-Fi won’t connect.

In short, as you can see, according to the OCU, you can even save €1,000 if you manage well the electricity rate you have contracted. Keeping a constant review is very important so as not to pay more than necessary.

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