How Is Technology Being Used to Make Bingo More Accessible?

Bingo has traditionally been a game that doesn’t use a lot of digital technology, with numbered balls being drawn manually and players marking their cards in the same way. However, the introduction of online bingo has helped to make it more accessible in several interesting ways, such as the following:

Free Games

When we check the options for free bingo at Paddy Power, there are games available at certain times of day, with cash prizes up for grabs. This means that anyone interested in playing the game can give it a try without putting their own money on the line, removing one of the possible obstacles that perhaps stopped people from giving it a try in the past.

An approach like this is possible because bingo sites are divided into a huge variety of different game categories now, often split across themed rooms. This allows players to switch between games easily and see all of the ways that the basic game has been shaped into alternative versions of bingo. The free games are usually in one room, while some rooms have low-cost tickets and others have more expensive tickets that allow them to offer bigger prizes to the winners.

Easy Payment Methods

At some point, most people want to play bingo with real money, and take out any winnings in the same way. In this case, bingo site creators have decided that the process of moving money in and out of accounts has to be made as easy as possible. That’s why they add as many of the most popular and simplest payments possible.

E-wallets like PayPal and Skrill tend to offer instant payments, meaning that anyone who has money in any of these accounts can start playing without any delay. Instant bank transfers provide another way of using current technology to ensure that players don’t need to wait before they start playing with their own funds.

Mobile Bingo Games

For a lot of players, the fact that mobile bingo games are now offered is the most important accessibility issue. These details from Samsung confirm that most smartphones are more powerful than many modern laptops, as well as faster than the computer that was used by NASA to send the first astronauts to the moon. Bearing this in mind, it perhaps isn’t so surprising that mobile bingo has become so popular among so many players.

Yet, it hasn’t always been like this. When online bingo first appeared, it was only available on desktop PCs. However, it was reported back in 2016 that mobile internet usage has passed desktop numbers for the first time, and the trend since then has been for mobile devices to continue gathering a bigger market share, with 55% of traffic on smartphones, according to Broadband Search, meaning that the switch of mobile bingo was only a matter of time.

These accessibility improvements help to show us why online bingo has grown so rapidly, as the operators of bingo sites have worked out which areas were stopping people from trying their games and moved swiftly to fix them.

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