How much space do you need in the cloud to save files based on your usage

Storage required for the cloud

There are many storage services They offer free space. However, that space is usually quite limited. 1 GB, 5 GB, 15 GB… On the other hand, if we opt for payment plans we can have storage of up to 1 TB. Do you need that much? That will depend on the use you are going to give to the cloud.

We are going to put some assumptions in which you will want to use cloud storage. We are going to show how much space is needed for common things and in this way you will be able to see what space you are going to need and if you really have to hire something superior to be able to host content.

save photos

Something common is to use the cloud to store photographs that we have done with the mobile, for example. In this way you can have them available at all times and access them from other devices, such as a computer, a tablet or any other with Internet access.

How much do you need in the cloud to save photos? Today the usual weight of a photograph taken with a mobile phone is between 5 and 7 MB. It can be more, for example if it is a panorama, or less; but we can put 6MB on average. If you have for example 100 images, you will need 600 MB. If you go to 1,000, you would need 6 GB of cloud space.

So do you need up to 1TB of cloud storage to save images? Probably not, but it will all depend on the photographs you have. Perhaps you have many travel folders that you accumulate and you do need to have more than the 15 GB that they usually give as a maximum for free.

space for videos

Another very common thing is store videos in the cloud. In this case they will take up more space. It will depend on the quality, yes. A video in HD we can say that on average it can occupy about 100 MB. It will also depend on the weather, of course. The longer the videos, the more they will occupy.

How much would you need in the cloud to save videos? If we go back to the example we gave earlier, if you store 100 videos you would need at least 10 GB of space. On the other hand, if you are going to save 1000 you would need about 100 GB. In this case, you would have to choose to hire something superior for cloud storage.

music and movies

You may also want to have your music discs, movies and series favourites. That can also get quite busy. Even tens of GB. Therefore, you are going to have to calculate how many music discs you are going to save, how many movies, etc. This will help you decide if you need to buy more space in the cloud or what they offer for free is enough.

In the case of music discs, they usually occupy about 100 MB. A movie can take up 1-3 GB if it is in good quality. A series, meanwhile, can even occupy tens of GB; Depends on how many chapters you have.

If you are only going to store music discs, the free space offered by services such as Google Drive or Dropbox will probably be enough. On the other hand, to save movies or series you are going to need a larger space, so you may need to expand that available space.

Create backups

Cloud storage is also very useful for generating Backups and have the files available anywhere. Very interesting to avoid certain computer attacks that can erase data, as is the case with ransomware, but also to free up mobile space.

The size you will need will depend on how the backups are. If you are going to save only certain files, information that you do not want to be deleted, you will not really need more than the free space. On the other hand, if you are going to make larger backup copies, such as the entire mobile storage, then it may be necessary to have more than 15 GB. It is always a good idea to encrypt the backup.

In short, as you have seen on certain occasions, the free cloud storage offered by many services will be sufficient, while sometimes you will have to opt for something more complete, with more available space and pay a supplement for it.

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