How the heat wave affects your router and WiFi

Electronic devices can suffer from temperature and that will affect performance. We are living a heat wave, with high temperatures in much of Spain, and that can also affect the Internet connection. How can you jeopardize the proper functioning of the router and Wi-Fi? In this article we are going to talk about it and also give some tips to avoid problems.

Heat, bad friend of the router

to have one good internet connection it is essential that the router works in optimal conditions. This means that we must take care of it, we must maintain the correct operation, a good configuration and that all its components are in good condition. But if it is very hot, if the temperature is very high, you can suffer the consequences and start to go wrong.

Any electrical appliance will work in a temperature range. This does not mean that the router stops working directly if it is very hot, but it could affect performance. You could have worse speed, cuts and, in general, poor signal quality. You can especially notice this in the case of Wi-Fi.

And yes, this not only affects the router but also any other access point you have in your home. If, for example, you use a wireless repeater, a Wi-Fi Mesh system or PLC, they could also be affected by excessive temperature. Therefore, the heat wave is going to put the proper functioning of your connection at risk and you could have worse Internet speed.

But what if this is very long? Perhaps having a few days of heat will not affect the long-term router operation, beyond a worse performance at that time. But if that happens for a long time, if the router experiences high temperatures continuously, it could affect the components and even substantially shorten their useful life.

What to do so that the router does not heat up

Can we do something to avoid this router overheating? The truth is yes. We can take into account certain tips that make a heat wave affect as little as possible and does not compromise the operation of the connection, nor the components in the long term. There are different factors that can cause excessive heat in the router.

For this, it is essential router location. The place you choose to place it can be decisive for the heat wave to affect your connection more or less. It is important that it is in an area isolated from other electronic devices that can give off heat and not place anything on top of it, nor on the sides. It is essential that it properly dissipates heat.

Of course, you should never place the router near a window where it receives direct sunlight. This can greatly affect the components and seriously jeopardize their proper functioning. It should always be in an area as cool as possible so that problems of this type do not arise.

If you see that your router still heats up excessively and the temperature of the room where it is is very high, you can always install a usb fan. If your router has a USB port you could even connect it to it. This will allow you to always keep all the components in good condition, without overheating.

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