How to become a game UI designer?

UI game design is the art of creating user interfaces for games. UI design for games includes a variety of elements that are important in making a game an immersive experience. When you play a game, you are interacting with UI elements on the screen and they usually include menus, text fields, and other items that tell your character what to do next or give feedback to players. It’s no wonder that ui design for games is one of the most sought-after jobs in the industry today.

How to become a game UI designer?

Becoming a game designer can be a challenging process, especially if you want to become a professional game designer. Being a game designer means that you need to be well-versed with computer science, graphic design, human psychology and other related fields. On top of that, you need to have the ability to create engaging gameplay and high-quality visuals in addition to computer programming skills. Below are some tips that can help you on your journey to becoming a game ui designer

1. Study STEM programs

There are different types of degrees required to become a game UI designer. You can choose to major in computer science, other related fields, or combine as many as six different programs into one program specialization. If you want to get started in the game industry, then you should consider enrolling in graphic design classes and earning a graphics design degree. There are also architecture, engineering and integrated arts programs that offer students with software and programming skills which will give them an edge when it comes to pursuing their dreams of becoming an aspiring game UI designer.

2. Learn user interface techniques

User Interfaces (UI) play a major role during game development process since they determine the overall experience of users playing your games. Knowledge of user interface techniques is necessary if you want to succeed in the game industry as a UI designer. Here are some basic tips for those who wish to pursue a career in the game industry.

3. Learn basic programming languages

Programming skills are a must in the game industry if you wish to make games. You need to have strong programming skills and be familiar with the most popular language like C, C++, Java, Javascript, or Objective-C. If you want to be a game UI designer then it would definitely helps your career path if you get an understanding of these modern programming languages.

4. Learn about game engines

Getting acquainted with some top game engines is highly recommended for anyone who wants to become a professional game UI designer in Australia. Game engines provide you with the tools and features that will enable you to produce high-quality graphics for your games quickly and efficiently. A lot of popular game engines like Unity and Unreal Engine have added support for Mac OS X so that you will be able to develop games for iOS devices as well.

5. Get some experience

Experience is important when it comes to making a career in the game industry. It will definitely help you if you have experience in working for the gaming industry or if you did work for video game companies before and now want to share your knowledge with fresh graduates in the industry. Keep in mind that most employers will only consider working with professionals who have a lot of real-world proven experience and an impressive portfolio of designs.

6. Check out online learning sites

Get an understanding of how to succeed in the game industry by going to online learning sites that offer free tutorials on game development, graphic design, and user interface design for games. Sites like Udemy have uploaded some of the best resources on programming languages, software applications and design concepts that you can use for your future career as a game designer for games.

7. Apply for game jobs

One of the best ways to get an entry-level job in the game industry is by applying for a position at a small video game studio. Every hiring process will require you to submit your résumé to an online application portal. But, before you submit your résumé, make sure that you have done enough research on the company you are applying for and their work processes. You can also find content on companies at top game development companies where they list their job vacancies on their website.

8. Get a scholarship

There are scholarships offered to students who want to pursue studies in game design programs. You just need to have a good grasp of the concepts that are taught during the game design programs or have the ability to create interesting games. Check out the websites of top game development companies like Electronic Arts and Zynga for more information about scholarships available for higher education purposes.

9. Keep an eye on job fairs and competition

If you want to get a job as a Game UI designer, then keep an eye on job fairs and competitions where employers will be looking for candidates with relevant skills. Check out the websites of top game design companies like Naughty Dog and look for job fairs or other events where you can meet game designers and hopefuls who are also looking for an entry-level position in the gaming industry.

10. Learn from tutorial videos on YouTube

YouTube is an excellent source of information to learn about the ins and outs of any software application. There are a lot of tutorial videos uploaded by users who will teach you how to create games and what it takes to succeed as a game designer. You can use this media platform as your advantage since there are a lot of tutorials that will help you understand what it takes to succeed in the game industry.


Game UI designers are in great demand in the game industry because their expertise goes a long way in making games that look appealing to users. These professionals have an artistic sense when they create user interfaces and they can expand their abilities as they gain more experience. If you want to be successful as a game designer, then you need to get some good reference materials posted on the internet.

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