How To Color Correct And Edit Fine Art Photographs

Color correction and editing is the final and most crucial factor to make your photographs mesmerizing. It brings out the true essence of your photographs by adding or removing color.

What does it do?

If you’ve been involved in photography in any way, how hard it is to click the perfect picture by hand. Even so, if you’ve managed to click a good picture, still you’ll find something is missing. In such cases, the color correction methods come into action to make your photographs flawless.

You must be wondering if changing the color of your photograph will ruin the original photograph. Well if you don’t know what you’re doing then it’s possible.

Don’t know how to color correct and edit your fine photographs? No worries, because we’re about to go through the necessary methods of color correction and editing a photograph to make it amazing to look at.

Do You Need To Color Correct Your Photographs?

How To Color Correct And Edit Fine Art Photographs

Color-correction can give your rejected photos another chance to shine. It improves the feeling of looking at the photographs, as it helps to edit the photos by improving the visuality of the picture.

So if you’re having doubts about editing your photo by color correction masking, then don’t. Because no matter how you look at it, this color-correcting method can make photographs more life-like, as it enhances the core essence of the picture.

Necessary Guidelines To Color Correct Your Photographs

As you know, the proper lighting is the hardest thing to find while capturing a photograph. After clicking a photo from your camera, sometimes you feel like something is missing, and the color correction process fulfills that missing part by tweaking the color here and there.

You too can use the color correction methods to improve your photograph, simply by following these methods below.

Start With A Raw Camera Photograph

First, take a random raw photo that you think needs color correction. Then open the photograph in the color correction tool like Adobe Photoshop.

After interesting the photo in the editing tool first change the base colors, sharpness/brightness, etc. to see how it feels. Get yourself familiarized with the tool’s setting until you get used to it.

Check How It Feels

From the beginning of color correction & editing, you must check how it feels. Is the color collaboration okay or not? Could it be better in any way or not? These factors are crucial in color correction.

Confused? Let’s clear it out with an example.

Suppose you selected a nighttime beach photo, where moonlight is shining on the sea. The raw photograph doesn’t feel right because its lighting isn’t clearly visible, thus the photo feels dull. So you can tweak the photo’s lighting until it feels right

Discover A Narrative For The Photograph

Just so you know, every different photograph has different aspects of color correction. So before you start editing for real, give it a thorough look and try to think of a narrative for the picture.

It means what’s the photograph about, and what do you want to show in it? Discovering these factors about your photograph will help you make the color correction more mesmerizing.

The Editing Process

At this stage, you should know photo editing is a creative job, you can’t force it out while doing it. Having said that, your photograph’s perfect color correct can sometimes take an hour or so, and sometimes it can take days to complete. Remember you can’t rush excellence, it takes time.

While color-correcting photos you might want to take a break from time to time, it’ll help you clear your mind and you can begin again with a clear thought process. 

Compare The Photographs With Other’s Work

When you’re done editing with color correction of your photograph, always try to compare it with different professional photographers’ editing work. It’ll give you a pretty good idea about what you did right and wrong.

You can also take notes and take new ideas from their work. It’ll help your next color correction and enable you to make your photographs amazing.

Test The Photo Through A Printed Copy

It’s the final phase of your editing segment, which is testing it out with a printed copy. Because a printed copy produces the raw edited photo that provides you with a clear view of the image.

But remember printing a color-corrected photo takes time, especially if it has a lot of content in the photograph.

Considerable Tips While Color Correcting

From the above guidelines, you can color correct your photographs, but before you start you must consider a few things, without it all your hard work can be undone. We took that into account and prepared a few considerable tips to avoid any irreversible mistakes.

Details Enhancements

Sometimes, your clicked photo looks good in capturing the main subject, but the other details on the image are blurry. In that case, you must color correctly keeping in mind to enhance the photo’s details.

Tweaking the subject might ruin your photograph. To enhance the photographer’s details you should utilize the gray card to help make the photo details better.   

Realistic Color Enhancement

No matter how you look at it, the purpose of the color correction is to make your images more life-like, you can’t just ignore that.

When you try to tweak your photographs you must remember to keep the photo’s originality intact. Otherwise, the photo won’t feel the same. To do that you can increase the depth and clarity of your photograph, to give a more life-like look.

Four Eyes Are Better Than Two

Getting an extra set of eyes is great when conducting creative work. Needless to say, color correcting your photograph is a work of art. Yes, you heard right, you become an artist while color correcting your photographs.

Although your feelings and viewpoint have the utmost importance while editing the photo, getting an extra set of eyes from your friends or family can give you a fresh perspective that you might be lacking. It helps you when you’re stuck at some point in doing the color correction.

Final Thoughts

As we mentioned in the beginning, the color correction method gives you a second chance to remake your photographs and provides them with more realism and contrast.

However, knowing how to do it right is crucial, but we’ve got you covered on that. As we’ve discussed how you can color correct your photographs and the things to consider while doing it.

Good luck with making your photographs mesmerizing, and don’t forget to have fun while doing it.

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