Things To Consider When Choosing A Water Fountain For Home

A unique and timeless decorative object, the indoor water fountain is back in the spotlight and is now open to new styles. Formerly reserved for Asian decorations, they are now available in many more modern, more elegant but still zen-like atmospheres. True symbols of relaxation, calm, and appeasement, indoor fountains can now perfectly find their place in a natural, modern and elegant decoration. Here we look at the main things to consider and the characteristics to know how to choose your indoor fountain

Why install an indoor fountain?

The indoor fountain has become a must-have decorative object! And it’s not hard to see why…

In addition to the little worries of everyday life, the pace of our already fast-paced lives is constantly accelerating and we all want to find calm and serenity once we get home.

When you are looking for a relaxing and zen-like atmosphere, the installation of an indoor fountain is justified and brings a soothing atmosphere to the room where it is installed. The effects are immediate and the joy of hearing the sound of trickling water quickly relaxes you.

There’s no doubt about it now, the decoration of your home has an effect on your moods and morale; integrating a fountain into your decor immediately creates a Zen atmosphere that all members of the family will enjoy! It’s a great way to unwind after a day’s work, to relax after lunch, or to go to bed with a clear head. And there will be no lack of pleasure for the eyes and ears.

Which indoor fountain to choose from?

When you decide to install an indoor water fountain in your house or flat, there are many aspects that you must consider:

The style: this is definitely the point on which your attention will be focused first; the style of indoor fountain you choose depends on the place in which you want to install it (living room, hall,…) as well as the role it will have (beautification, entertainment, relaxation,…).

Indoor fountains are available in various heights ranging from 15 to over 35 cm. They can be equipped with a lighting system, usually LED, and with colour variation.

They are available in a variety of styles: Buddha, Zen, waterfall, and modern indoor fountains. They are designed to be placed on a piece of furniture or against a wall for those that offer a “water wall” effect. The latter placed in the middle of your green plants or near an aquarium will have the most beautiful effect.

The different styles of indoor fountain

The indoor fountain is available in different styles and designs that allow everyone to find the model that matches the decoration and design of their house or flat:

Buddha fountain

The Buddha fountain is the most popular indoor water fountain and therefore also offers the widest variety of fountain models.

A clever mix of spirituality, well-being, and decoration that provides a soothing and relaxing atmosphere to your home.

For some fountain models, the Buddha statue is removable and can therefore be moved to position it close to and according to your desires.

LED lighting will also play a role in the atmosphere you feel by accentuating the shapes and perspectives of your indoor Buddha fountain as well as the reflections of the water movements.

Zen Fountain

This style of indoor fountain presents particular kinematics such as a yogi in a meditation position, a rock or a jar overhung by a glass ball whose rotation is ensured by the movement of water which escapes from it, or a wall of water on which appears a magnificent tree of life in relief.

Also in this Zen category are fountains with a jar-to-jar flow that gives an aerial effect to the water flow with a pleasant sound to listen to.

Cascade fountain

Also known as a Nature fountain, it faithfully reproduces the flow of water between rocks as found in the wild. You can also take advantage of models that combine rocks and jars that offer a rather harmonious flow, especially when the inside of the containers includes LED lighting.

Modern Fountain

True to the style of the same name, the modern indoor fountain has sober and minimalist lines that undoubtedly bring a relaxed atmosphere to the room where it is installed. These models are often seen in an entrance hall or a waiting room.

The material: The indoor fountain is mostly made of synthetic material such as composite, but it can also be found in natural materials such as stone and wood, which makes it a much more expensive product. The latter will certainly be nobler and more durable, but it will also be heavier, more difficult to maintain and to move.

Furthermore, it should be noted that current technologies allow for an almost identical reproduction of stone, wood and metals which will not be visible and offers a visual effect similar to the real thing.

Maintenance: Two rules to follow: never let the pump run with a water level that is too low and always ensure that the water circuit is clean. The health of your indoor fountain and your peace of mind are at stake.

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