How to configure the FRITZ!Repeater 1200 AX with Mesh WiFi

Mesh configuration of the FRITZ!Repeater 1200 AX repeater

In order to configure any WiFi repeater with Mesh functionality, we must do two really simple actions:

  • Press the button onceConnect» of the FRITZ!Box router. We should not hold down the button, but simply press it normally.
  • Press the button onceConnect» of the FRITZ!Repeater. We should not hold it down.

Once we have pressed the two Connect buttons, both on the router and on the repeater, what we must do is wait a couple of minutes until the WiFi router and repeater are configured fully automatically.

If we go into the FRITZ!Box router after configuring the WiFi repeater, we can see that it is already added to the Mesh network and it will appear in the “Local Network”, and the “Mesh Network” icon will appear. If we go to the «Local network / Mesh network» We can see that this wireless repeater also has the Mesh icon, indicating that the configuration has been correct and there have been no problems. If we go to the section of «Network / Network connections» we can see this same information and with the Mesh icon.

Once we have added the WiFi repeater to the Mesh network, it is recommended to make a series of adjustments to adapt the repeater to our needs. To do this we have to go directly to the private IP address of the WiFi repeater, an IP address that our FRITZ!Box router has provided.

In the first menu the choice of language will appear, we select Spanish, then we enter the administration password. Being in the Mesh network of the FRITZ!Box, the administration password of the WiFi repeater is exactly the same as the password of the FRITZ!Box. Once we have entered, we select our country in the regional configuration. The WiFi repeater will automatically restart and then we will return to the authentication menu where we must enter the access password again.

In the main menu of the FRITZ!Repeater 1200 AX Wi-Fi repeater we can see the general status of the device. We will see the operating mode, if we have the Mesh network activated, the IP address of the device, the SSID it is broadcasting, the version of FRITZ!OS installed and also what network interfaces we have enabled and in use. If we do not have any wired client connected to the repeater, the LAN part will appear in gray.

In the “Local network access” section is where we can configure in detail how the repeater works. Here we can choose whether we want the FRITZ!Box configuration to be automatically replicated to the repeater. It is highly recommended to leave this function as it is, do not disable it.

If we unfold the part of «Individual settings for the wireless connection to the local network«, at the bottom we can see the different «connection options«. In this menu we must choose between the three available options:

  • Use frequency bands flexibly.
  • Use Crossband Repeating.
  • Keep the frequency band.

Depending on our needs and the performance we obtain, it will be advisable to choose one option or another. In principle, the first option is always recommended because the WiFi Mesh system will use one frequency band or another as a trunk link in a flexible and dynamic way. However, you may want to choose the crossband mode and even always be connected to one frequency band (5GHz for best performance).

Once we have applied the chosen configuration, it will inform us that these changes have been made correctly, click on “Done” to exit this menu.

If we have chosen the «Crossband Repeating» connection mode, we can see that now the WiFi repeater makes use of the two interconnection frequency bands actively, and we can see the synchronization speed of the 2.4GHz band and the 2.4GHz band. of 5GHz. In this way, depending on which frequency band the wireless client connects to, the traffic through the trunk link will use one frequency band or another.

As you have seen, configuring an AVM FRITZ!Repeater with Mesh WiFi in a basic way is really simple, since it is only necessary to press the “Connect” button on both the FRITZ!Box router and the repeater. However, it is recommended that you know how to change the mode of interconnection with the main router or with other wireless repeaters, in order to maximize the real performance of the equipment.

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