How to create separate networks using VLANs on Synology RT6600ax router

By clicking on this button, a configuration wizard will appear via the web to create the network step by step easily and quickly. What it will ask us is the following:

  • network name: we have to indicate a name of the local network.
  • local IP: we put the first IP address of the subnet that we want to create. For example, if we put it will create a new network with subnet
  • Subnet mask: in principle we should choose /24, although we can also choose other subnet masks.
  • Allow management of Synology Router through this network: This option allows us to enter the router to the devices connected to this network. If we are going to use this network for guests or a use that does not require access to the router, we uncheck this configuration option.
  • Enable network isolation: This new network will be blocked from communicating with the other networks, including the main network and the other guest network. In some cases we may want to have inter-vlan communication, and in other cases we may not. We must assess whether or not we want communication.

In the following photo you have the configuration made by us:

In the following menu we can assign an Ethernet port to the RedesZone network. This port that we configure will be “untagged”, that is, the equipment that we connect to this port will automatically connect to the new network created. We have the possibility of choosing several ports to connect to this network, but we must take something into account: on the same port we cannot have two VLAN IDs as untagged. If we want this LAN port 4 to also have a connection to the main network, it is not possible.

The configuration wizard will also allow us to create a WiFi network with the SSID and password that we want, all wireless clients connected to this SSID will automatically be in the new network with VLAN ID 10 created.

Finally, we will get a summary of all the configuration carried out, where we can see the name of the configured network, the IP, mask, VLAN ID and also if we have assigned an Ethernet port to this network.

If we click on “Apply”, we wait a few seconds and we will have the new network created with all the settings made.

As you can see, creating a new network with a specific VLAN ID is very simple with this Synology RT6600ax router. Normally these features are only available on professional routers, not on a home or SOHO router.

Advanced settings of the new network

If you want to access the advanced settings of the new network, and even edit the settings made previously in the configuration wizard, you will be able to do so without problems in the main menu of «Network Center / Local Network / Network». Here we must choose the network that we want, and then click on “Edit”, so that the specific menus appear to edit the configuration.

In this menu we can edit all the configurations that we have previously made in the configuration wizard, such as what is related to the network name, local IP, mask, VLAN ID, if we want to allow or not access to the router and also if we want to activate or disable isolation. In case you want to configure the Ethernet port in detail, you will also be able to configure it from here to change it or add more ports. Of course, we can also configure the WiFi network with the SSID and password, as well as the DHCP server for IPv4 networks and also for IPv6. Finally, in the “Advanced” menu we can activate or not the NAT, the UPnP and even the IGMP Snooping to correctly manage the Multicast traffic.

In the case of wanting to see in detail how the different ports would look for the WAN and LAN in terms of VLANs, we have to click on the “VLAN Tag” option. By clicking here, we can see which networks are untagged and tagged. Synology will put the new networks as tagged on all LAN ports, and as untagged only on the network that we want.

In we click on “Configure trunk port” we have the possibility of configuring or not the trunk port of the equipment, by default all ports are in trunk mode plus the network that we want in untagged mode. If we want to remove the tagged VLANs from the ports, we simply have to deselect the corresponding port.

If we connect a device via cable to LAN port 4 that we have configured before as VLAN ID 10 untagged, we will be able to see that it obtains IP addressing without problems, and it is assigned to the “RedesZone” network and we even have an IP address of the 192.168 subnet .10.0/24, that is, the one we have previously configured.

That’s how easy it is to set up a new network and configure the VLANs in the LAN on the Synology RT6600ax router, a very important feature to separate the subnets and not have security problems. For example, we can create a specific subnet for the guests (which is already created by default), as well as another network for all the IoT home automation devices in our home, and in the main network only connect our main equipment such as laptops, mobiles and tablets. , and both the Smart TV, IP cameras and other equipment to the new network that we have configured.

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