How to discreetly delete a follower on Twitter (without blocking them)?

Don’t want someone to follow you on Twitter anymore, but you don’t want to block them? A feature now allows you to remove a person from their list of followers.

On Twitter, it is now possible to unsubscribe a user who follows your account, so that your messages no longer appear in their news feed. This option, described in early September, is the subject of an update of the platform that occurred on October 11. In fact, it constitutes an intermediate measure between inaction and blocking, which prohibits any interaction once implemented.

How do you remove someone from their Twitter followers?

The option to unsubscribe someone who follows you is simple to implement. First you need to go to the profile you want to get rid of – of course it has to follow you. Once in position, click on the ellipses at the top right of the profile and, from the drop-down menu, choose “remove this subscriber”. You need to confirm your decision.

How to delete a Twitter follower

It is important to note two things: the first is that the account you are removing from your list of followers won’t be notified of the change – however, he might notice it eventually, if he no longer sees your tweets or ever goes to your page and finds that there is no longer the “following you” mention. “. The second is that it has a definitive character, according to Twitter: it will no longer be possible to resubscribe afterwards.

One can wonder about the interest of such a measure, but there are cases where this tool can be of interest. A person with their account in “protected” only shows their tweets to people who follow them (and who have been approved). In this case, it may be interesting to unsubscribe someone: they will not be blocked, but will no longer see the tweets, because they will lose their access linked to their subscriber status.

This option is one part of a series of provisions that Twitter is developing to make its service more pleasant and user-friendly – in particular by developing tools to rule out unpleasant accounts. We know for example that there is an automatic blocking option during arrival. The site is also working on a mechanism hiding old tweets, to prevent them from being exhumed.

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