How To Enable Always On Display On Xiaomi Mi 10

The [always on display] is already supported in Mi 10. There is no need to root the device.. All you need to do is install the latest Mi 10 software update.

The Chinese phone maker’s newest flagship, the Mi 10, comes with a 6.21-inch OLED display. It is powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 845 system-on-chip, and comes with up to 8GB of RAM and 128GB of storage. It has a dual camera setup with AI features, and a 3,350mAh battery.

The brand-new Mi 10 has a new way of showing you the time, date, and other information, called Always on Display. When you wake up on the morning, put your phone under your pillow, and the clock will be there. Go to work, and the clock will be there. Come home from work, and the clock will be there.. Read more about xiaomi mi 10t pro always on display and let us know what you think.Xiaomi Mi 10 comes with great features, a powerful battery, and specs so that you can get the best experience when using the phone. However, the thing that’s missing is the LED notification light, and for many users, this can be a drawback. If your device is muted and the sound is off, you still want to see if you received some notifications. Is it possible to do that without the LED notification light? Yes, Xiaomi Mi 10 comes with AOD that you can enable and have specific information at a glance at all times. Suppose this sounds like an option to go for. Keep reading. Here, in this article, we will show you how to enable Always On Display on Xiaomi Mi 10. See also: How to add a website to the Android home screen

How to enable Always On Display on Xiaomi Mi 10

Before we show you the steps to enable the feature, you should keep in mind that it may lower the battery level faster. So, you may use it in certain situations only, for example, when the sound on the phone is off. Here is how to enable it:

  • Tap on the Settings app
  • Next, lock for Always-on Display and Lock screen option and tap on it
  • Toggle Always-on Display to enable it
  • You can choose the display pattern you like the most, and you can also select the lock screen wallpaper.

That’s it. You have successfully enabled AOD on your Xiaomi Mi 10. It is a valuable option, and thanks to it, you will always have specific information and notifications at a glance. Again, it may lower the battery level faster, but if you find it interesting, turn it on and see how it works for you.For the last few years, Xiaomi has been making an impressive array of phones—from the $12 Mi A2 to the $400 Mi 7 Pro, and from the $200 Mi 8 to the $1,000 Mi Mix 2S. And, despite having only one Mi 10 model to choose from and only one price point to choose from, there’s still a lot of ground for the company to cover.. Read more about always on display xiaomi miui 12 and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I turn on always on display in MI?

Xiaomi has just announced the newest smartphone of their lineup, the Mi 10. The phone sports a lot of really cool features, the highlight of which is its screen. As the name suggests, the screen is always on, even when the phone is asleep. The feature is called ‘Always On Display (AOD), and it allows you to see notifications even when the phone is in standby mode. To get started, you’ll need to get a MIUI 10.2 beta build for the Xiaomi Mi 10 on the Xiaomi Beta Portal.

Does MI 10T Lite have always on display?

Have you ever wanted to try out an Always On Display mode on your phone? Perhaps you have read about it in blogs or seen it in videos or even read about it in forums. The Big Question is if it’s possible to enable Always On Display on Xiaomi Mi 10. TechUnwrapped has been covering a lot of different phones lately, each with their unique pros and cons. One of the latest phones that we reviewed is the Xiaomi Mi 10T Lite. The phone features a 6.40 inch full HD+ display, a very generous fingerprint sensor, and a special feature that has never been seen on any phone before – Always on Display.

Does MI 10 have AOD?

For most of us, the term “Always On Display” doesn’t mean much, but for the Xiaomi Mi 10, it is a very important feature. Xiaomi is the first company to integrate this technology in its smartphones and there are many other manufacturers that will follow soon. Mi 10 is the latest flagship smartphone from Xiaomi, so naturally it supports AOD (always on display). In the past, Xiaomi hasn’t been a huge supporter of AOD but recently they have included it in several of their devices such as Mi 9, Mi 9 SE, Redmi Note 7 Pro, and Mi 8 Lite.

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