How To Hide The Notch On Honor 8X

The Honor 8X sports a notch on the front of the big display, but you can’t see it at first glance, thanks to the black bezel that surrounds it. You can remove this bezel and the notch is more visible, but it’s not a permanent change.

The newest member of the Honor series, the Honor 8X, has already been overshadowed by its more popular siblings in the middle of last year. The 8X is a decent phone, but the design is far from perfect. It comes with a notch at the top of its display, which is a shame, but this doesn’t stop the phone from looking decent. There is a solution though, and it can be found on the developer side of things.

If you are looking for an affordable phone with excellent features, we must say that the Honor 8X is a good choice. The phone has features that offer smooth performance, which is the most important thing in smartphones. You can also change settings and options to get the most out of your phone. If you don’t like the notch on the Honor 8X and want to hide it, there is an option that allows you to do so. And we’ll show you the steps. Let’s take a look at how to hide the notch on the Honor 8X. See also: To change the bedtime on the Honor 8X

How to hide the notch on the Honor 8X

Out of the box, the Honor 8X comes with a cutout. But if you belong to the group of users who prefer to hide the notch rather than have it, you can just make a few changes to the settings and the notch will disappear. Here’s how:

  • Open the Settings application on the Home screen
  • Then click on Display and Brightness
  • Now click on Advanced View Settings
  • Then press Notch
  • There you will see the default option, and just below that, the Hide Label option.
  • Just click on it to hide the notch

Once you have done this, the surrounding areas will darken and the incision will be hidden. That’s it. You have successfully activated the Hide Label option. At some point you may change your mind and go back to the default option. Just follow the same steps and select Default.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I turn off notch?

A notch is a notch is a notch. So continues the design trend of phones from top-end manufacturers, including Samsung—though this time, the notch isn’t quite as invasive as with the iPhone X. If you’re on the Honor 8X, you can hide it. I’m not a fan of the iPhone X notch, and I don’t know how to turn it off. Mostly because I understand how the notch is meant to be used, but I don’t like it when it’s used on my phones. Luckily, if you’re like me, there’s a way to disable the iPhone X notch.

Does honor 8X have private space?

The Honor 8X is a very capable handset, but one thing that is missing is the Notch. Honor says that this is because the 8X has a display “as tall as the Notch” and therefore the notch could get in the way of the front-facing camera. However, it adds that the high resolution of its IPS LCD panel makes up for it. The Honor 8X is Honor’s latest budget flagship phone and comes in two variants: one with a notch for the front-facing camera and another without. The latter comes with a much lower price tag and is aimed specifically at those who want to hide the notch. However, when it comes to privacy, there is an inherent trade-off between having a front-facing camera and a notch; the former is much easier to hide, but the latter offers greater security through facial recognition.

How do I get rid of ads on honor 8X?

The fingerprint sensor that was integrated into the display of last year’s Honor 8 was a nice feature, but it was turned off by default, meaning that you would have to manually enable it every time you turned on your phone. With the Honor 8X , the fingerprint sensor is the default feature, and it’s always on. Even better, the Honor 8X also ships with a new “Notch” sensor, which is essentially a circle with a camera and other electronics placed around it. This Notch is very similar to the one found on the iPhone XR , but it has a few key differences. If you don’t want ads on your smartphone anymore, there are a couple different ways you can do it. The easiest way is to install an ad blocker like AdblockPlus or AdBlock. There are other options as well, such as an ad blocker for the Honor 8X, but these are difficult to set up and may not be as effective as an ad blocker that you can set on the phone itself.

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