How to fix problems with Google Assistant if it does not work

Another problem may be in the microphone. To be able to activate the Google assistant is essential. We must say “OK Google” and run. If the microphone is not working, we will have problems for this service to work and we will not be able to use it. It’s something else you’re going to have to check.

There can be problems with the microphone for different reasons. It may be due to a hardware or software error. Even a bad configuration may be blocking it and it will not work well.

no internet connection

Of course, another cause may be that there simply isn’t Internet connection. That will make the Google assistant not work and you will not be able to do anything. You try to activate it but you find again and again that it does not work and that is because it cannot access the network.

This can happen whether you’re connected to mobile data or using a Wi-Fi connection. Perhaps you do not have coverage or the Wi-Fi signal is very weak and it is not enough to be able to access the Internet.

Error in the system

One more reason is that there is some system problem. Here we can name several reasons, such as that there is a virus or that the system is not updated. This can cause it to malfunction and cause problems when using apps and services like this on your phone.

This is something that can happen with any program that we have installed. If there is a bug in the system, that application may not work correctly and we will have problems.

What to do to fix it

So what can we do to fix these kinds of problems? You’re going to have different options to get Google Assistant to work properly. We are going to see each one of them and depending on what the cause is in your case, you will be able to make it work well. You will see that they are simple steps.

Troubleshoot microphone

First of all what you have to do is check that the microphone works right. If it is a hardware problem it will not work with other applications. For example, you can try sending a voice note via WhatsApp. If it works correctly, you can already rule out that it is a hardware failure.

The next thing would be to see if it is a permissions error. That could be blocking the google assistant and it’s not going to work right. You have to go to Settings, enter Applications or access directly from the Permission Manager. Once there you have to go to Google and go to Application Permissions. You have to search for Microphone and make sure that the option to allow is checked.

Check the connection

If the problem is from the Internet connection, you should review it to see how to fix it. For example, a good idea is to try to open the browser or run a speed test. If you see that it is not going well, you can choose to approach the router and see if this improves the Wi-Fi network and you can navigate with less problems.

In case you connect with mobile data and the network does not work, try putting the mobile in airplane mode and connect it again. It can also be useful to change the network, for example moving from 4G to 3G.

Review the app

Maybe the problem is in the app and there has been some problem and it does not work. For example, that some process has been caught. That will prevent it from working properly. There may be problems after a software update or any changes we have previously made.

You have to go back to Settings, enter Applications and go to Google. There you have to click on Force stop. This will help you troubleshoot issues such as process crashes. At the same time, it is a good idea to reboot the device so that the changes take place correctly.

Solution from Google Assistant

The problem could also be in the Google’s own assistant. If you see that it does not work and you have already checked that the microphone is working fine, you can go to this point. In this case what you are going to do is go to Settings, click on Google and once inside you go to Google application settings.

Later you have to give Search, Assistant and Voice. Inside you go to the Voice section and you will see something like it appears in the image below.

Once this is done, what interests you is the section on Languages Y Voice Match. They are the two that you will have to open to review.

when you’re inside Languages, you have to check that the correct one is selected. If you have another position and not Spanish, it can cause errors. You can even add two or three languages ​​if you want.

Within Voice Match, you will take into account the following options:

  • ok google: you have to make sure that it is activated correctly, otherwise it will not work.
  • voice model: if it does not recognize our voice well, we can use it. What it does is learn to recognize it.

Check that the system works well

You should also check that there is no no problem with the system and it works correctly. To do this you can check that it is updated to the latest version. This is important so that any application you use works correctly and no errors of any kind appear.

In addition, it is important that there are no viruses. For this you can use a good antivirus and check that there is no malicious software that is affecting the Google assistant. It may be one of the reasons why it has stopped working properly and you should check it well.

In short, if you have problems with the Google assistant you can take into account what we have explained. There are different reasons that can cause errors, but you will also find multiple solutions that you can perform.

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