What is a Twitter Handle or Username? How to Pick A Twitter Handle?

Twitter has a 300-character limit on tweets, but handles, or usernames, aren’t limited to 140 characters. So why use a handle when you can have your own full username? The main reason to pick a username is if you want to protect your Twitter name and keep it exclusive to you. That means you won’t have to worry about someone else trying to steal it and using it on the microblogging service.

It’s hard to believe that Twitter, a service that lets you share short updates called Tweets with other people, has been around for more than a decade. In that time, Twitter has become a major player in the social networking world, with more than 200 million active users sending more than 400 million Tweets every day.

The Twitter ID is the name under which you must register on this platform. It is also called a username and begins with the @ symbol. This name is unique to each Twitter user because it serves as an account identifier. That way, no one else can use your Twitter username. It also appears at the end of your Twitter URL when you log into your handle via a web browser.

For example, if your Twitter username is techprevue, it will appear in your ID as @techprevue and in the URL as

Twitter handles are very different from your Twitter names. Other profiles can have the same display name as yours, but no two Twitter accounts can have the same username. Here are some other differences between the two –

Difference between Twitter ID and screen name

Twitter user name Post name on Twitter
  1. Minimum number of characters : Four
  2. Maximum number of characters : Up to 15
  3. It must be unique to other users.
  4. It must not contain spaces or characters other than underscores (_), numbers, upper and lower case letters.
  5. For example, @username
  1. Minimum number of characters : Two
  2. Maximum number of characters : Up to 50
  3. It may be similar to that of other users.
  4. It can contain anything from spaces to special characters such as @, #, >, %, etc.
  5. For example: Show name.

The Twitter ID is a unique identifier for a Twitter user, while the display name is a personal identifier. Even if you don’t use your real name in Twitter usernames, you can add it to your display name so others can quickly identify your account.

Meaning of Twitter user name/guide

A Twitter handle is an important part of your profile, whether you use it for personal or business purposes. It plays an important role in marketing your brand on social media. That’s why it’s so important to choose the right username.

  • An appropriate username is proof of professionalism.
  • This makes it easier to discover or mention your Twitter profile.
  • This gives the printed marketing material a sleek appearance.
  • It also makes it easier for your followers to remember your username when they search for your profile online.

How do you choose a Twitter name?

Twitter is another well-known social media platform. But in addition to sharing special moments, people also use it to update information, share opinions and viewpoints, or support a movement. Read our exclusive guide to signing up with Twitter. Using a unique and sophisticated username will make you appear professional. Here are some tips to help you choose the best Twitter username.

1. Abbreviation and simplification of name

The first and most important thing you should think about before choosing a username for Twitter is that it should be short. Twitter only allows its users to use 280 characters in a message. If someone mentions you in their post with your long username, your character count is further limited.

2. Use original name

When creating a profile for your brand or company, we recommend using your real identity. If someone has already given you the name you want, you can add words like HQ or Inc to make your account stand out. An alias can also be used for this purpose.

3. Keep user name constant

Using the same name on different social media platforms will be very helpful. The most important one is to make it easier for your followers to find or identify you on different platforms.

4. Do not add underscores or digits

By using special characters or numbers, you can give your username more variety (if a preferred name is not available). But it’s harder for your Twitter followers to pronounce or remember your name.

5. Avoid keyword stuffing

You may think that filling in keywords will get you noticed easily on Twitter. However, inserting keywords into the names of Twitter users makes it difficult to distinguish them from spammers.

6. Careful use of real or official terms

You may have seen some celebrities use the real thing on their Twitter accounts. Some owners of fake accounts also use them to attract an audience to their profile in order to increase the number of followers. To separate your profile from these spammers, you need to check your Twitter account.

7. Quick name release

You can enter your preferred Twitter username if your business or brand idea is still in its infancy. Check the availability on the different platforms and create an account on each of them if available. The availability of options depends on how quickly you make your decision. If that doesn’t work, you can permanently delete the account.

8. Do not alter the spelling of

Use your original name in your Twitter username, keeping the same spelling. You can use your initials to shorten or make your name unique instead of changing the spelling. Different spellings can easily confuse your subscribers and make your profile hard to find.

9. Avoid using sensitive information

For example, avoid using personal or sensitive information in Twitter usernames. B. Date of birth, year or area code. Some platforms ask for date of birth to verify users’ affiliation. Therefore, providing this information may make you vulnerable to hackers.

10. Avoid the use of inappropriate language

Don’t use words in your Twitter username that have the wrong meaning or are offensive to people. This will give a false image of your profile, especially in front of your office mates or friends.

11. Add your profession

You can also add terms related to your work or services (offered by your company or brand) to your real name to get a better name on Twitter. This makes it easy to find your profile when a user is looking for the same service.

Twitter ID ideas for business and personal branding

Millions of people use Twitter to share their views, opinions or humor or to promote their brand/product. So it’s not surprising that the Twitter handles you want are being used by someone else. And, you know, no two Twitter users can have the same username. And what if the Twitter username you want is already in use?

Here are some tips –

Twitter ID ideas for a company account

  • Add Inc or HQ : You can add these terms with your company or brand name to make your account stand out. It also makes your business profile look more professional and attracts more people.
  • Adding the word the before your brand or company name is another smart idea to make your profile stand out among the rest.
  • Add a location: If your company has branches in different locations, you can use this in the username to distinguish them. This will also help the user to identify and select the right account for the region.
  • .NET domain name The addition of mandatory domain names will also help attract users. Moreover, the users will be able to remember and recall it easily.
  • Add a question or help: Adding terms like ask, get, join or help to your username is useful if your company offers customer service or if you create an account for the same purpose. Moreover, it will be easy for buyers to recognize the profile immediately.

Twitter login ideas for a personal account

  • Add your initials: Initializing your username is a smart way to keep it short and distinguish it from other accounts.
  • Add I am or it is: You can put the phrase I am in front of your name to make it stand out. It’s like proudly declaring your best Twitter name.
  • Use first or last name: If your full name is long and repetitive, you can use the first or last name. Instead, a different image will be created for your profile.
  • Add official or real: You can also have your name preceded by words like official or true to make it stand out. Use it with caution as it can make your profile spammy.
  • Add more letters: Adding an alphabet to the end or beginning of your Twitter name is another smart way to use the username you want. However, do not include more than two repeating letters or your username will look unprofessional.

You can read our guide on how to create a Twitter account on your Android phone.

Twitter Pen FAQ

Q. What does the Twitter handle mean?

Twitter usernames are unique names given to users to register on this platform. These names are easily recognized by the @ at the beginning of the name.

Q. How long can a Twitter handle be?

Twitter user names may consist of a minimum of four and a maximum of 15 letters.

Q. Can you claim your Twitter name?

If a profile that uses the Twitter handle you’re looking for has been inactive for a long time, you can ask the owner for permission to use their username.

Q. Is it possible to change the Twitter ID again?

You can only use your old Twitter username if it is not currently being used by someone else.

Q. Is a Twitter username case-sensitive?

No, the username for Twitter is not case-sensitive.

Q. Can I sell my Twitter handle? 19

No, Twitter does not allow you to sell or buy Twitter usernames as part of its self collection policy. If the user attempts this anyway, Twitter will permanently suspend their account.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I choose a twitter handle?

When you are setting up your twitter account, one of the most important things you need to decide is your name. If you have a twitter account already, you will notice that you can have your twitter handle printed on the top of your twitter profile page. This is a way to identify yourself and it makes it easier for people to refer to you.  The other thing you need to decide is your twitter handle, this is the part of your twitter account name that is typed into your twitter profile to follow you. If you’re building a Twitter account, you probably want to waste as little time as possible creating a handle that is easy to remember. You don’t want to settle for “johndoe” because you couldn’t think of anything better. Fortunately, there are tools to help you find a great name. A lot of sites will help you create a name from your first name, last name, or a word you like. You may already have a handle in mind, but you can use the tools to check to see if it’s available.

What is twitter handle name?

Twitter handle names are a bit different from regular names as they start with a ‘@’ sign. These handle names are known as Twitter Handles. Twitter Handle Names are very popular nowadays as they are an easy way to get noticed on Twitter. These Twitter Handle Names can be generated with the help of our Twitter handle name generator. The title of this generator is “Make A Name For Yourself”. Twitter has just announced its new feature in which you can use your Twitter handle instead of your real name in your profile. You’ll still have the option of using your real name on your profile, but the new name option will let you use any combination of letters, numbers or symbols in your Twitter name. For example, if your Twitter handle was ajh002 and your real name was Adam, you could use your handle in your profile name. If you didn’t want to use your Twitter handle, you could use a combination of letters and numbers, such as ajh or ajh_002, or you could use a name you made up entirely.

What is a twitter handle example?

One of the most important pieces of your online identity is your username on social media websites. Choosing one is not as easy as you think, and since it can sometimes have an impact on how you are perceived in the online world, it’s important to choose one that you feel comfortable with and that represents you in a positive light. In this article, we’ll explain what a Twitter handle is and how you can “build” one that’s both memorable and matches the theme of your brand identity. A twitter handle is usually made up of a username, or what might be called a twitter name, and a twitter handle. A twitter handle, or twitter username, is the part of your twitter name with the @ symbol, if you have one. A twitter handle is usually made of a twitter name and a username. A twitter username is the part of your twitter name without the @ symbol, if you have one.

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