How to import or export VPN connections in Windows

Steps to export or import a VPN connection

Windows 10 is currently the most widely used operating system. For this reason, when we explain some characteristic related to networks or some configuration of the VPN, it can come in handy to many users. This time we are going to talk about what to do to export or import a VPN connection. You simply have to follow a series of steps to achieve it.

The first thing we have to do is go to the Connections folder. We can get there if we click on any folder or open Windows Explorer and, in the path, we paste the following:% AppData% MicrosoftNetworkConnections

It will automatically open the Connections folder, where we can have some more folders. The one that interests us is the one called Pbk. It is the one that we have to copy to export the VPN connection to any other place.

We will find a window like the one we see in the image above. In this case, we simply have to click with the right mouse button on the Pbk folder and then paste it where it interests us. For example we can insert a USB memory or a hard disk and export the VPN connection there.

That device that we used to export the VPN we simply have to connect it to the other computer from which we are going to import the VPN connection.

How do we import a VPN in Windows? The process is practically the same as what we have described above. Once again we have to go to the% AppData% MicrosoftNetworkConnections path, but this time from the computer that we want to import the connection from.

Once this is done, we will see that a folder appears as we saw it before. What we do this time is put that pendrive or hard drive where we copy the Pbk folder previously and paste it in the route of the second team.

In this way, by following the steps we have mentioned, we will be able to export or import a VPN connection in Windows 10. It is a quick and easy process.

Set names and passwords manually

Keep in mind that what we have done is export and import VPN connections. This way they will be available in the configuration. Now, keep in mind that this does not include the usernames and passwords that we have in the connections.

For it to work correctly we will have to configure both the users and the passwords manually. We have to follow a series of steps if we want to change the username or password.

The first thing we have to do is go to Start, we enter Settings, we go to Network and Internet, we access VPN from the menu on the left and click on Add a VPN connection. We will have to fill in the corresponding data and we click Save.

In short, by following the steps we have mentioned, we will be able to export or import VPN connections in Windows 10. We do not need to install any additional programs, we simply have to use the operating system’s own configuration and copy the corresponding folder. In a short time we will have exported or imported the connections between different teams.

Add a VPN connection

Why use a VPN

Using a VPN is something that Internet users are increasingly taking into account. It is something that we can use in our devices to connect to the network and avoid problems, in addition to avoiding certain restrictions that we may have.

Improve privacy on the web

Undoubtedly one of the reasons why we can use a VPN is to improve the Privacy In the net. Today our data can be stolen through many different methods, but one of the most common is when browsing a public Wi-Fi network.

What we are going to achieve with this type of program is to encrypt the connection. Our data will travel in a kind of tunnel, without others being able to read it. In this way we will have significantly improved our privacy.

Be able to access restricted services

We can also bypass geoblocks. For example, this is very common when trying to watch a series or movie. We can find that in that country in which we are traveling it is not possible to visualize it. There is a restriction and therefore a solution would have to be found.

That’s where VPN services come in. They are very interesting since we can choose to connect to a server that is in another country. In this way we can use a program, access a website or any service that may be blocked or geographically restricted.

Hide the actual location

Another very important issue is to hide the actual location. Through the IP address they could know more or less where we are. However, when using a VPN this is hidden. We will be sailing from a totally different direction than the real one. It is one more way to also improve privacy and not have problems on the Internet.

Be able to buy cheaper

Yes, we can also use a VPN to find certain offers or get a cheaper price when buying a product. On many occasions we can find the possibility of contracting a subscription from a third country or purchasing cheaper flight tickets.

A VPN will allow us to change the location from which we connect. Therefore, we can appear as if we were in another nation. It is one more alternative that we can find to save money thanks to this type of service.

Therefore, the use of a VPN is very interesting. We have a large number of options on the web and we must always choose the product that best suits what we are looking for. Yes, privacy and security must always be taken into account. We should not choose any option without ensuring that our data will be adequately protected.

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