How To Make Money When Betting On NCAA College Basketball

College basketball fans can be some of the most passionate around. They will spend their Saturdays cheering from the sidelines, wearing their school’s colors, and rooting on their team to victory — while they bet almost all of the money they have got on every game. This blog post covers tips on making money when betting on NCAA College Basketball.

Find The Long-Shot and The Winner

Sportsbooks often use analytics to help predict which teams will win or lose their weekend matchup. In doing so, handicappers at sportsbooks usually find a winning bet on underdog teams, who have a variety of types of handicaps and underdogs to offer players. College basketball games are very unpredictable, but one tip for finding winning bets on college basketball games is to look for unusual matchups — with oddsmakers at offshore bookmakers setting lines from which you can make a large profit. For instance, something like Ohio State vs. North Carolina or Virginia Tech vs. Georgia Tech is a great case study of how to find winning bets in college basketball.

Be An Advanced Player

In college basketball, you can determine which team will win the game by betting on how much they are favored to win on the spread — or according to oddsmakers. That is true, but there are other ways to make money by betting college basketball teams on the spread.

Picking the correct combination of point spreads and moneyline odds can make bettors rich. Some gamblers would go for sportsbooks with very high juice, low odds, and be willing to lay even more money on it. Others would go for sportsbooks with low juice, high odds but be willing to risk a lot less. Real pro-bettors often use those two methods when betting on college basketball teams on the spread. Understanding how to make combination bets on the point spread and moneyline can be the difference between making a couple of hundred dollars per game or tens of thousands per season.

Consider All of The Options (TOTALS And OVER/UNDER THE LINE)

​When betting on college basketball teams, do not forget about totals and underdogs priced at over/under the line -1 or more. When betting on a game, always look at the numbers on the NFL lines page. If you see that a line has oddsmakers predicting a game with a score higher than the spread, you will make an incredible 100% profit.

Choose Sportsbooks with Enhanced Bonuses Or Perks

When you sign up to open an account at an offshore sportsbook — whether it is on a desktop computer or mobile device — you are going to have access to all of the hundreds of different betting markets as well as special promos that come with signing up for an account at these sites. For instance, some betting sites will offer discounted odds if you deposit $10,000 or more. Others will allow you to claim a 100% bonus of $200 on your first deposit. You may even be able to benefit from a reduced juice refund program when you sign up for an account with the site.

 Bet On an Underdog

This means that your team has a fighting chance of winning and will have the opportunity to play a great game until the end. In this case, the only thing you need to do before betting on an underdog is to concentrate on opinion and prediction. If you want to win money betting on a team with an underdog record, you need to find out what others think. You can do this by reading message boards on various websites and taking note of the opinions of other bettors about the game. If you can predict how your team will play, that is a huge step for making money.

There is no way to guarantee that all your bets will make money but using services that offer NCAA College Basketball Tournament picks should give you a great place to start as soon as your season gets underway. Before long, you will be able to turn a handful of $20 bets into thousands of dollars in winnings, thanks to your ability to make smart bets on winning teams.

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