Disciples Liberation: here’s the launch trailer for the game (available today)

Kalypso Media has broadcast on the net in these hours the Disciples Liberation launch trailer, the new chapter in the saga of turn-based strategy games available from today on PC and console.

You can take a look at the launch trailer directly below, followed by the press release with all the information about the game:

Disciples: Liberation is available today and offers players the opportunity to explore the vibrant and vivid world of Nevendaar and travel through the mystery and political intrigue of this dark fantasy strategy RPG. Published by Kalypso Media and the developer Frima Studio, Disciples: Liberation is now available on PlayStation Store, PC and Xbox – Players will be able to immerse themselves in 80 hours of gameplay filled with Elven Alliance, powerful magic, battles, Undead Hordes, dragons, legions of the damned and forged alliances.

Players follow the story of Avyanna, a daughter of two worlds – but part of none – on a mission to explore a war-torn world. Beginning as an unknown and mean mercenary, her quest will lead players through pain and bloodshed before she ultimately gains control of a mighty army, ready to challenge fate. Along her way, she will be challenged to make many difficult choices, from mate selection to romantic encounters. It is up to the player to decide what kind of leader he will become. With his army, which can be recruited from over 50 units, players will fight complex turn-based battles against bestial creatures, in which only shrewd tactics will lead to victory. Avyanna’s motto is: ‘Regret later. Act now. ‘

Kalypso Media Producer, Florian Treppke, he has declared: Players can now seize their destiny, align with factions, choose companions and find out how their choices will make a difference not only in gameplay but on Avyanna herself and Yillian, with the ultimate goal of unleashing Nevendaar’s fate. “

The Game Designer of Frima Studio, Eric Latouche, he added, “Avyanna starts out as a little mercenary, but she won’t stay that long. She is a Nephilim and possesses the powers of Twilight, so players will discover the ability to summon both darkness and light. This grants her access to a long-forgotten angelic city called Yillian. “

Louis Lamarche, Creative Director of Frima Studio concluded: “Everyone who has followed us on our journey is already aware that there will be five endings driven by player choices. There will be surprises, which players will only discover after playing the title. We can’t wait to find out about your feedback! “

Among the main features of Disciples Liberation we find:

  • 80+ hour single-player campaign: Live an epic dark fantasy experience in three acts, with more than 270 missions and 5 unique endings
  • Explore a war-torn world: Travel through 4 different environments – from lush woodlands to fiery volcanic plains and frozen tundra – and discover the secrets hidden within the earth
  • Join Forces: Join 4 in-game factions: from proud elven clans to merciless hordes of the undead, each with their own in-game motivations and incentives
  • Write your story – choose from 4 unique skill classes and define your place in the world by recruiting other members to join your cause
  • Build a Base: Take on the quest for valuable resources and use political common sense to build a place of planning and refuge
  • Fight for your life: Recruit more than 50 units and build an army more suited to your play style, honing both steel and spells in intricate turn-based combat
  • Deadly Boss Challenge: Field your team against hideous monsters and beasts, each requiring a unique strategy
  • Choices are everything: let your decisions guide your destiny and directly influence the type of leader you will become
  • Fight your friends: launch the ultimate challenge and fight for supremacy in 2-player online skirmishes

You can buy the game TO THIS ADDRESS.

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