How to prevent extensions in Chrome from crashing or not working

Why are Chrome extensions blocked

When plug-ins are blocked in the browser several things can happen. One of them is that the extensions stop working without further ado. We can continue browsing, but we see that they do not work as before and we cannot use them. But on the other hand, that blocking can also mean that we cannot navigate directly. We enter a website and it does not load, the browser is constantly closing or any similar failure.

Usually this occurs due to a extensions conflict with browser. It usually happens with some add-ons that we have installed recently, although this is not always the case and it can also happen with others that we have had for a longer time.

Another cause is also having installed these extensions from unofficial sources. They could even have add-ons that damage the operation and this is the cause of blocking the browser or leaving us without access to the Internet when opening a page.

On the other hand, the use that we give to these complements can affect. For example if we have touched something in the setting. This could be affecting the operation and getting to block or prevent us from using the browser normally.

How to fix problems with add-ons in Chrome

So what can we do if we run into this problem? We are going to show the main steps if we see that the extensions have been blocked, have caused the browser to malfunction or that we have even been directly offline.

Clear cache

The first thing we can do is clear chrome cache. The browser saves files and information over time, from the sites we visit, and in this way to improve the loading speed or facilitate navigation. However, this sometimes causes problems and we can also see it in conflicts with extensions.

To do this we have to go to the menu at the top right, we enter Settings and Privacy and security. Once here you have to click on Clear browsing data. A series of options appears, such as cached files and images, cookies, site settings …

To achieve the greatest success with this, the interesting thing is to eliminate as much as possible. This way we will empty the browser and, in case there is something that is causing problems, we can solve it.

Check extensions

Another important question is that of check extensions. Have we installed any recently? Maybe some old one has changed and now its use has nothing to do with it? This is something that can happen, so it is advisable to check the add-ons that are installed.

We have to go to the menu again and this time we click on More tools and Extensions. There we will see all the extensions that we have installed. We can see if they are active or not, as well as enter the details of each one.

Control extensions

If we click on Details, it will show us some settings that we can touch. This will help us to monitor it and see if there is something marked that it should not. In that case we can always modify it. We can even directly deactivate the extension and see if in this way we can navigate normally. Sometimes the problem is momentary and easily fixed.

Check for malware

Could there be any malware in the browser? This is another possibility. This happens if we have installed a plugin from unsafe sources, if we have clicked where we should not and inadvertently we have added a search bar or something that is interfering with the extensions. The latter is what is known as adware.

What we have to do is verify that there is no malware. We can also see if we have installed any additional bars or directly carry out an analysis with the antivirus that we have. For example Windows Defender is a good option, but there are many others like Avast or Bitdefender.

Reset experimental functions

In Google Chrome we can activate some experimental functions before they are available in the stable version of the browser as standard. This can be useful, as sometimes we find improvements in page loading, for example. But of course, it is something experimental and can also cause problems.

If we have touched any of this, it is possible that this is the cause why the extensions are blocked and we cannot navigate normally. We will have to reset these experimental functions and see if this solves the error.

To do it we have to go to chrome: // flags / and a long list with these functions will appear. What we have to do is click on the top right where it says Reset all. This will reset all these functions and return them to the default values.

Reset experimental functions

Beware of VPN extensions

Have you recently installed any VPN extension? There are many options for Chrome, but the truth is that they do not always work well and we must be very careful, as some can even be a danger to our personal data.

In case you have installed a VPN plugin it could be malfunctioning and blocking the connection. It is interesting that you control it and, in case you need to navigate through a VPN, install a program on your computer such as ExpressVPN, NordVPN or any other guarantee.

Reinstall the browser and extensions

If all this that we have mentioned has not had any effect and the extensions continue to block or affect navigation, there will be no choice but reinstall the program or the extensions themselves.

Here we can find several situations. One of them is that simply by uninstalling an extension and reinstalling it, it works correctly. In that case we would not have to do anything else.

Now, it could happen that this has no effect and you have to reinstall the browser completely. This would happen if it has affected the application itself and the files need to be deleted. We would have to uninstall it and also delete all data before reinstalling it.

In short, these are some steps we can take if we find a problem with one or more extensions in Google Chrome. Sometimes problems can appear and crash or even leave the entire browser without an Internet connection.

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