Keep this in mind if you are going to install extensions in Chrome; it could be a very bad idea

Install browser extensions, for example in Google Chrome, is quite common. You can find a wide variety of add-ons, such as organizing tabs, using a VPN, optimizing the browser… But be careful, as this can be a major problem. We are going to tell you what could happen, how it could seriously affect your security and, most importantly, what recommendations you should take into account to install them without risks.

Keep in mind that something similar may happen when you install a program on your computer or mobile phone. Ultimately, a browser extension It is just another software. Not all applications are going to be reliable and could even become a problem in the medium or long term.

Extensions can be problematic

The first thing that can happen is that you directly install a fake extension, which has been created to steal data or passwords. Hackers use this type of software to try to trick the victim. They can even create one that is very similar to another that is really reliable. When you install it, it could start spying on you, collect browsing data, spread viruses…

But we must also mention the risk that an extension that is reliable today may not be reliable in the future. Why can this happen? One reason is that the browser add-on change ownership. They could start using it to collect data and profit from it, start sending malicious advertising, etc. This can happen without you being aware of it.

Also, another reason why you should be careful when using extensions is that they could become obsolete. It is similar to what can happen with any program. If they are not updated, if the owners do not maintain them, they may have a vulnerability and an attacker could exploit it to reach your computer. It is one more option that they will have to put your safety at risk.

Something that we cannot ignore are the permissions they request the extensions. Sometimes they will be necessary for their operation, just as it is for many applications that you install on your PC or mobile. However, on other occasions these permissions are not necessary and will mean an open door that will compromise your privacy and security. For example, they can request access to browsing history, webcam, microphone, location…

Avoid risks

So what can you do to avoid risks when using browser extensions? Without a doubt, the best thing for security is not to have plugins installed or to have as few as possible. That’s our first tip: install only extensions that you will really need and don’t accumulate too many.

Beyond that, the next thing is to install them only from official sources. Forget about installing plugins from third-party sites, from links you find on the Internet without really knowing if they are trustworthy or not. You can go to the Chrome or Firefox store and install the software from there, without as many risks.

You should also have a Periodic revision. Has an extension changed its name? Do you see that it hasn’t been updated for a long time? These are things that you should observe and thus avoid risks that can seriously compromise your security and privacy when using Google Chrome or any browser for which you have installed an add-on.

In short, installing extensions in the browser can be useful, but also a risk. It is essential that you are always aware of the importance of installing them from reliable sources, that are updated or that have not been maliciously modified by a third party.

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