How To Promote Your Crypto Projects

The cryptocurrency space is getting bigger and bigger. Dozens of new coins and DeFi projects appear every day. Large projects continue to be promoted and advertised, making life difficult for new cryptocurrency projects.

Many cryptocurrency business owners who come to us for promotion have two common questions: “How to promote your cryptocurrency? What should be the marketing strategy for a new coin or token?”

Crypto marketing is very important for cryptocurrencies, as proper promotion allows your coin to get noticed among thousands of cryptocurrency coins or projects. We have identified 4 types of cryptocurrency projects that most often come to us for promotion:

  1. Projects that are in the private coin selling stage.
  2. Projects that are at the pre-sale stage of coins.
  3. Projects that have recently launched/listed on DEX or CEX.
  4. Projects that are trying to grow continuously.

Crypto marketing is much different from offline or online marketing for regular projects. In this article, we have a compilation of a few ways to promote cryptocurrencies.

Social Networks

People all over the world are actively using social media to get information about people, companies, cryptocurrencies, etc. This is why companies treat social media as a tool to attract customers. This is because social media allows companies to interact/communicate closely with potential customers.

Often today’s customers look for information about a company in social networks first, and only then on the Internet. You lose a lot if you don’t have a presence and an account on social networks. And we are not just talking about the usual social networks like Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, but also more specialised ones like Reddit, Steemit and Telegram.

Your customers and potential customers use social media every day. By refusing to promote your cryptocurrency on social media, you lose a huge amount of revenue you could have made in the future. It was Reddit that helped Bitcoin become mainstream.

Public Relations And Publication In Cryptocurrency Media

The crypto space is sometimes compared to the Wild West and some cryptocurrencies have a bad reputation that is associated with the criminal world and money laundering.

Press releases can help you increase brand awareness and improve your brand image by placing them in well-known media outlets. However, the process of publishing material in the media is complex and involves a lot of investment.

Before you start media promotion, you need to do some research on your competitors. It is necessary to analyse how other projects have promoted their product: which websites have they used to publish information materials? Have they raised enough funds to sustain their project? If so, how quickly? Have they reached their limit?

Also, look at the market and determine what kind of USP (unique selling proposition) you should promote in order to have the best chance of converting readers into customers.

Once the analysis is complete, you can start preparing press releases and other informational materials, remembering to uniquely position your cryptocurrency or project.

A good crypto marketing and PR plan goes beyond simple press releases. Hold a press conference or event, schedule an interview, be a guest on a podcast and showcase all the achievements/benefits of your project.

Work on building credibility for your cryptocurrency. You need to establish yourself as a clean and transparent cryptocurrency in the community.

A PR campaign is the best chance to spread the word about your cryptocurrency, so don’t miss it.

Cryptocurrency Communities

Cryptocurrency communities continue to play an important role in promoting cryptocurrencies in 2021. These are organisations into which owners of different cryptocurrency businesses retreat to share information and make new acquaintances.

Some crypto organisations are like forums and easy to join; others require unique business connections.

Even if you or your cryptocurrency project are not qualified to join most cryptocurrency communities, consider any contacts you make with their members as invaluable promotional opportunities.

There are no rules on how best to establish business contacts. The best approach is to make contact as quickly as possible. Fill out a web form, register on a forum, make a phone call – do whatever it takes to get into a room with those who specialise in cryptocurrencies.

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