How to Recover Data from iPhone with Broken Screen

By dropping or for some other reason if you’ve got your iPhone screen broken, there is no way to get your data back if the whole screen is damaged. Fortunately, you still have a chance to regain access to your data by getting the files back or restore the broken screen iPhone data to new iOS devices. In this article, we are describing to you how to recover data from iPhone with a broken screen.

Method 1. Scan Broken Screen iPhone with iPhone Data Recovery Software to Get Back Data

If you create a regular backup of all your data or important files stored on an iPhone, you can recover your iPhone data easily. If the files are deleted or lost, some options are available that allow iPhone users to recover files in any case. It becomes impossible to retrieve the files back with the built-in tool provided by Apple if you haven’t created a backup of your data. To recover data from broken iPhone without backup, data recovery tools are very useful in such cases. You will see a list of tools that would help you to complete this task if you search for how to recover data from a broken iPhone. iBeesoft iPhone Data Recovery is the tool that we are going to talk about. To recover data from a broken iPhone, it’s an amazing data recovery tool. Once the files are recovered, you can also view data and choose the files you want to restore. This software works well on both Microsoft Windows and Apple Mac devices. The iPhone, iPad and iPad touch are also supported by it. To recover deleted data on iOS devices, you can freely download it and later according to your requirements, you can buy a plan for full features. In every data lost scenario, this tool supports data recovery even if you want to recover photos from water damaged iPhone.


  • 3 modes of recovery like recover from iCloud backup, iTunes and directly scan iOS are offered.
  • 20+ types of files including call history, messages, videos, notes, calendars and a lot more are supported to recover.
  • The iPhone data recovery process is simple and click-through wet.
  • To use this powerful software, no technical knowledge is required and it is also secure and reliable.
  • Allows to easily recover lost/deleted photos and videos both app videos/photos as well call history, text messages, contacts etc. without any backup.

Steps to Scan Broken Screen iPhone for Retrieving Data

Step 1: Download the iBeesoft iPhone Data Recovery tool from its official site and by following the instruction provided, install it on your computer.

Step 2: After that, you need to connect the iPhone from which your data was lost or deleted. Click on “Recover from iOS” once it’s appeared on iBeesoft iPhone Data Recovery and click on the “Scan” button to start scanning the device. The scanning process will take some time and the size of the storage device as well depends on the scanning time.

Step 3: You should be patient during the whole process because the scanning is a time taking process. You will get a list of all the files sorted according to their formats that were recovered during the scanning once it’s completed. You can preview and choose which files you want to restore from the list of files. Then choose the files according to your requirements and to restore data from your iPhone without backup, click on “Recover”.

Method 2. How to Restore Broken Screen iPhone iTunes Backup File to Another iPhone/iPad?

By using an iTunes backup file, you can recover data from a broken iPhone. You can transfer data from the broken iPhone to a new iPhone via this tool if you’ve backed up your old iPhone with iTunes before it gets broken. Except for iTunes and App Store content, content synced from iTunes, iCloud data and more, an iTunes backup embraces all content and settings on the broken iPhone.

Steps to Restore Broken Screen iPhone iTunes Backup File to Another iPhone/iPad:

Step 1: Please make sure you’re going to go through the whole process on the computer where you had backed up the broken screen iPhone. Use a digital cable to connect your iPhone or iPad with the computer and launch iTunes right away. You can see the iTunes show the new device there.

Step 2: Click the “Restore iPhone(iPad)” option in the summary screen and after that, you will need to choose one iTunes backup file from the backup file list. Choose the right one and confirm the restore operation.

Step 3. Enter the password when asked if you need to restore from an encrypted backup file. Wait until the process is completed. Later, on the new iPhone or iPad, complete the rest setup procedure and you will see the old data from the broken screen iPhone.

Method 3. How to Restore Broken Screen iPhone iCloud Backup File to Another iPhone/iPad?

an iCloud backup tool is a built-in tool for iPhone that helps you to backup all important data. You can transfer data from the broken iPhone to a new iPhone using an iCloud backup file if you have previously enabled the automatic syncing of data to iCloud on the broken iPhone.

Steps to Restore Broken Screen iPhone iCloud Backup File to Another iPhone/iPad:

Step 1: If you have set it up, erase your new iPhone. To erase it, go to “Settings > General > Reset > Erase All Content and Settings”.

Step 2: Until you reach the “Apps & Data” screen, set up the new iPhone. Then from the screen, choose the “Restore from the iCloud Backup” option. Use the same Apple ID and password you used to back up the broken iPhone to sign in.

Step 3: Hit the “Restore” button after picking the most recent backup file from the list. Continue the rest steps to finish setting it up once restored.

To get back all your important data from the damaged iPhone, you can follow our guide above on how to recover data from iPhone with a broken screen. It’s not easy to retrieve the data but it’s not impossible. Among all three ways, we would highly recommend you to use the iBeesoft iPhone Data Recovery tool. To recover data from iTunes and iCloud, you just need to have a backup file of your data. But with the iBeesoft iPhone Data Recovery tool, you don’t need any backup file still you can recover all of your data. It has a scanning process that helps you to scan the whole device and get back all data.

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