How to take the PC on vacation, in the trunk or in the back seat?

When there is no free space in the trunk of the car, the rear seats are often used to continue loading the vehicle with more and more objects. The problem is that, although this is a practice that we all do from time to time (even when you go shopping, it is common to put the bags in the back instead of in the trunk) you should know that it can lead to you having to pay a fine.

Beware of the fine if you take your PC on vacation

The holidays have finally arrived! You unplug the PC and get ready to charge it in the car to take it to town but… how should you do it?

The law is quite clear in this regard: article 14 of the General Circulation Regulations says that «The load transported in a vehicle, as well as the accessories used for its conditioning or protection, must be arranged and, if necessary, secured in such a way that they cannot drag, fall totally or partially, or move in a dangerous way» . Failure to comply with this premise may lead to fines of 200 Euros.

PC Trunk

In short, the law does not specifically say that you cannot carry your PC in the back seat of your car, but it does clearly indicate that in such a case must be properly fastened so that it does not move in any way. Remember that according to the General Directorate of Traffic, inertia causes any loose object in the back to multiply its weight by 40 when braking at 50 km/h. This means that, for example, a PC weighing 10 Kg will cause a forward impact of 400 Kg.

Therefore, the safest and most recommended is that always carry the PC in the trunk of the car and not on the back seats, but if you have no choice but to carry it on the seats, make sure that you fasten it correctly (and it is not enough to tie the seat belt, you will have to use octopuses or some similar anchoring tool to ensure that it does not move from its site). And not only for the 200 Euros of fine that can fall on you, but also for your own safety.

An extra recommendation if you take the PC

Ok, after reading this article you already know where and how you should take your PC on vacation in the car, but there is also an additional consideration that you must take into account: no matter how well tied and fastened you take it, the PC still has components internal ones that can suffer, and will suffer, inertia. This means that elements such as the graphics card, which is attached to the PCI-Express socket of the board and the case (that is, only on two sides) or the processor’s heatsink if it is made of air, which is attached only to the socket, can to suffer such inertia that a misfortune occurs.

Broken PCIe

Therefore, if you are going to transport the PC, our recommendation is that you disassemble the graphics card and take it aside (this is something very simple, it is to remove the screws that anchor it to the box and remove it from the PCI-Express socket), correctly protected, and in the event that you have a tower-type heatsink, that you also disassemble it or that you pad the inside of the PC, preferably with bubble wrap, foam rubber or something similar that cushions these inertias and prevents anything from breaking.

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