How to Use an Xbox 360 Steering Wheel With an Xbox

Most gamers shell out big bucks on expensive steering wheels for their Xbox. The best Xbox steering wheels reinvent the feeling of a virtual track and offer a realistic experience to the players. These are some of the essentials that racing fans get their hands on. Xbox one steering wheel with clutch and shifter can be expensive even if you try to get the cheaper bundles with the pedals.

A specialized Xbox 360 gaming controller is very popular among racing game lovers. The original Xbox 360 gaming controller is compatible with most video games; however, getting the steering wheel adds a different experience. 

Do you want to install a gaming steering wheel on your PC to improve your gaming experience? You’ve arrived at the right place! You will come to know exactly what to do after reading this article. Here’s how to connect your steering wheel to your Xbox.

Step 1

Connect the pedal base with the Xbox 360 steering wheel to the racing wheel using the RJ-11 cable with the Xbox 360 steering wheels. Insert it into the ports on the pedal base and the racing wheel.

Step 2

Replace the battery pack on the back of the Xbox 360 steering wheel with two new alkaline AA batteries. If you don’t have batteries, plug the steering wheel into an electrical outlet using the AC adapter that came with it. If you use a battery pack as your power source, you will not receive force feedback or vibrations from in-game collisions.

Step 3

Hold down the center Xbox guide button for three seconds to activate the wheel. Switch on the Xbox 360 gaming console that you want to use with the steering wheel. Press the connect button next to the power button on the console, then the connect button on the steering wheel.

Step 4

Open the console’s DVD/game drive. Incorporate a driving or racing simulator. To navigate the start-up screens, use the X, Y, A, and B buttons in the center of the steering wheel as you would an original Xbox 360 controller.

Which racing wheel should you purchase?

Choosing the best wheel for your needs can be difficult. Thrustmaster’s TX and Logitech’s G920 are viable options if you’re on a tight budget. The Thrustmaster is less expensive and more customizable, but its dependability is a concern.

The Logitech has better pedals and takes up less space in the gym. It also does not appear to be a 7/8th scale Ferrari 458 wheel, which will be necessary for some people. Both will work with PCs and Xbox Ones, but neither (we believe) will work with a PS4.

If money isn’t an issue, treat yourself to a complete Fanatec setup. Just be prepared for some setup work. But since this is Ars Technica and you are reading us, you’re probably a level 50 techie, so that won’t be a problem. The wheel will also work with the PS3 and PS4 and the Xbox One, PC, and the Xbox 360.

Final thoughts

I hope this guide on how to use an Xbox 360 steering wheel with an Xbox was insightful. If you follow these steps, you will easily connect the steering wheel.

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