Apple would stop manufacturing one of the iPhones due to poor sales

Apple released the iPhone 12 mini last year, perhaps with too high expectations. The idea was to reach a very specific audience, those users who prefer phones with small screens and who do not want to give up the high-end. However, it seems that the public response is not being satisfactory and Apple could stop producing this model due to low demand.

As noted by the reputed specialist media AppleInsider, JP Morgan supply chain analyst William Yang , has stated that Apple could reduce production of the iPhone 12 mini by 11 million, during the first quarter of the year, and stop making it entirely in the second quarter. If this is finally confirmed, clearly the company would have stopped betting on this concept.

The same analyst also commented on the possibility that Cupertino would reduce the number of iPhone 12 manufactured. However, this would be with the aim of increasing the manufacture of the two super high-end models , the iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max. This change would occur in the first half of 2021.

Apple’s small phone is the iPhone SE

It is interesting to review the report by the analyst firm Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP) for the period between October and November of the year 2020. This suggested that the variant with the 5.4-inch screen represented only 6% of Apple’s sales . Of course, we must bear in mind that this model began to be marketed later, specifically in the month of November.

The problems of the iPhone 12 mini could be caused by another member of the family: the Second generation iPhone SE. It is logical to think that many consumers opt for this option if they are looking for a compact phone with iOS. After all, offers a series of features that increase its value for money , such as good performance, thanks to its powerful processor, several years of support with updates or wireless charging.

In the case of the iPhone 12 mini, the fact that Apple stops its production does not mean that it is no longer for sale. In fact, it is very likely that the company will market it until the next renewal of its devices, expected in autumn 2021.

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