How Will Gaming Change In the Coming Decade?

You might have noticed already, but we’re in the early stages of a technological golden era that seems to be picking up pace. From artificial intelligence to cryptocurrencies to genetic editing and self-driving electric cars, the world is changing quickly, and gaming won’t escape the upcoming changes.

Here’s a summary of how online gaming might change in the coming decade. We think you’ll agree it’s exciting to think about.

Artificially Intelligent Characters

Everybody can remember the first well-known computer game characters. We had Mario, Sonic, and the characters from Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter. To call them one dimensional would be an understatement. At best, they were pixelated, could do only a few things, and had a few phrases they repeated over and over again.

Things have gotten better since those days, but they’re about to go to a whole new level thanks to artificial intelligence. Chatbots can already help customers in e-commerce stores and a prototype Google AI recently booked a salon appointment successfully over the phone, and this is in the early stages of AI development.

We predict that in-game characters will take on a sort of real character and will be able to respond to each player individually. They might even be able to learn about you and manipulate you. You can imagine what sort of in-game situations these could lead to!

Micropayments Could Replace Subscriptions

If you’re paying any attention at all to technology these days, you’ve heard of cryptocurrencies. From Bitcoin to NFTs and digital art, the crypto world is on fire and is grabbing all the headlines these days.

Yet, aside from the crazy prices of cryptocurrencies, there are real use cases being developed that will impact gaming. Some cryptos are incredibly fast and cheap. This could allow for the ability to stream money in real-time.

Could you pay a few tenths of a cent for every minute you play a game rather than pay a monthly subscription? Perhaps you’ll unlock cash rewards as you reach new levels and complete tasks, which can allow you to keep playing for longer without topping up your balance. It’s exciting to think about what all this financial innovation means.

There are also concerns about this. There have been repeated calls by concerned groups that some of what already exists within games like Fornite is gambling; no different than when you play at online slot sites. This will certainly have to be monitored and balanced with the new possibilities these financial innovations open up.

Virtual Reality Creates New Worlds

VR never really took off the way we thought it might when Mark Zuckerberg bought Oculus. There have been a few reasons for that; awkward and expensive VR headsets, the tendency for VR to cause people to feel sick, and waiting for global internet speeds and connections to catch up.

Much of those early teething problems have been solved, and with the rapid rollout of 5G internet, bandwidth will no longer be a concern. Many believe that VR’s time is near and that it will truly flourish in the 2020s.

We’re sure you can understand how huge this will be for gaming. Many of us have wished we could physically enter games and have fun in virtual worlds. Now we may be able to do so. The possibilities will be endless. Let’s just hope we don’t end up in a Ready Player One situation!

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