I lost my driving license, but that’s how I got a new one online in a minute

We usually carry this documentation, together with other important documents from our day to day, in our wallet or bag. Therefore, in case of lost or stolen of this element that we commented on, we must act quickly and effectively. Obviously the first thing is to deactivate or cancel bank cards. Next, we will have to renew or request a duplicate of the official documentation that we mentioned earlier. This is something that, as you can imagine, extends to the driver’s license.

Undoubtedly the loss or extraction of all this documentation It can be a serious setback for us. But contrary to what happened in the past, at this time we can use the internet to request these documents again. In the event that we need to request a duplicate of the driver’s license in this way, let’s see how to do it in a simple way.

Requirements to meet

Of course, before being able to request this duplicate that we are commenting on, we must know that it is mandatory that the driving license is valid in that instant. Although we no longer have it physically, it must be in force, otherwise we would have to renew it. It is also important that we know that, when requesting a duplicate, this does not change the issue dates of the original. This means that the expiration date of our driving license will remain the same.

In the event that we urgently need to have the driving licenseFor example, for work reasons, we must take into account an important advantage. And it is that from the MiDGT mobile application we can have a completely valid digital version of it.

midgt driving license

Request a duplicate driver’s license

But now that what we are going to talk about is asking for a physical duplicate of the aforementioned driving license in case of theft or loss to take it back with you. First of all, to request this duplicate we will have to have paid the fee 4.4which is 20.81 euros, and have the rate number that is provided in the payment document itself, all from this website.

To the same and to be able to digitally certify our identity, we will also need an electronic DNI or access through Cl@ve. Previously we will have to identify ourselves digitally, all from this other website.

driving license key

Here, once we have digitally identified ourselves, we can now specify the data of the Date of Birth and the reason you are requesting the duplicate. Likewise, we indicate the language in which we need it. At that time we will have to type the code of the fee paid that we mentioned before. Before finalizing the procedure as such we have the possibility of save a provisional permit. It allows us to drive from that very moment, just click on the Temporary Authorization button.

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