If you change companies, will you have better WiFi? Not always, keep this in mind

Changing companies does not mean having greater speed

One of the reasons for change internet company It is when we want an improvement in the connection. Sometimes we do it to try to make the Wi-Fi go faster. You may have problems connecting a device and you think that if you change companies you will have a better connection and you will be able to navigate faster, with fewer interruptions and have better coverage.

The problem is that in many cases, perhaps the majority, this will not depend on the company we have. For example, it may be that from a room the internet speed It is very slow and you have a 300 Mbps fiber optic contract. Perhaps you think that contracting more speed with another company, for example 600 Mbps or even 1 Gbps, will make the connection go faster and you will have fewer problems from that room.

But of course, the problem may be that the coverage that reaches you is very limited. Maybe you are far from the router, there is interference in that space or you just have a very limited wireless network card in that computer. No matter how hard you try to switch to another company, those problems will most likely continue.

Yes, you can have higher speed if, for example, that new company gives you a better router, with greater coverage. This will allow you to connect from other devices with more guarantees, without having problems with cuts or loss of speed.

What is the most important thing to have good Wi-Fi

Beyond the Internet company you hire, there are factors that are key to having a good Wi-Fi. One of them is correctly locate the router. It is important that you are in an area from which you can distribute the signal well. Try to put it in a central place, away from other devices that may interfere.

It is also important that the devices we use to navigate are in good condition. This means that they have a good wifi card, but also that they are updated and do not have any viruses. If something goes wrong with that device, that can also affect the wireless connection and cause problems.

But a key point, regardless of the telephone company that we have contracted, is to be able to rely on devices that help improve connection. For example you can use wireless repeaters, Mesh systems or PLC devices. All of them help to have better Wi-Fi coverage.

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