If you connect your Smart TV via Wi-Fi, this is what will affect it the most

Connecting the television to the Internet via Wi-Fi is common, so it is necessary to make the connection work as well as possible. For example, to watch Netflix without cuts, access YouTube or any other platform. But what can cause the Smart TV Wi-Fi go slow? We are going to explain what the main causes are and what we must do to avoid having problems.

Why is the WiFi on the television bad?

There are different reasons that may be causing the wireless network go bad on tv. However, there are some that can especially make it worse and are usually more common. If you know what they are, you can take steps to make the network work as well as possible.

Too far from the router

He main reason Why Wi-Fi on TV doesn’t work well is if it’s too far from the router. This is really common, since sometimes we have both devices separated by several rooms and the wireless network does not reach well. This makes the speed very limited and cuts may appear.

What can we do to prevent it? The most optimal would be to try to change the location of the router. But of course, that is not always going to be possible. Therefore, what we recommend is that you have devices to improve the Wi-Fi network. For example, you can use PLC devices, repeaters or Wi-Fi Mesh systems to cover your home.

Other devices create interference

Another reason why the wireless connection does not go well on your Smart TV is because you have other devices nearby that generate interference. It is similar to what can happen with the router, PLC devices or even a computer. Some devices may generate interference and cause the wireless network to not work properly.

It is best that you avoid putting other devices nearby. Especially some like a microwave or devices that use Bluetooth. By using a frequency close to 2.4 GHz, they may affect the Wi-Fi network and may not work well on the TV. The further away you put your Smart TV from other devices, the better.

Wi-Fi on Smart TV with cuts

receiver problem

It may also happen that there is some failure with Wi-Fi receiver from the television. It may be that it is directly very limited and does not have a great range or that for some reason it has broken down. That will cause failures when connecting to the wireless network and you will not be able to have good speed or stability.

You could try changing the Wi-Fi receiver on the television, whenever possible. Sometimes the one that comes with the Smart TV is not powerful enough and you can buy another one and connect it to a USB port on the TV. That could be of great help.

bad configuration

It is not the most common, but it could also happen. Have you touched something in the Smart TV settings? Are you connecting to the right Wi-Fi band? Check this for find out if there is a bug and fix it as soon as possible. Sometimes a small change may have caused the wireless network to not work well on the TV.

This will depend on the television model you have, since in some cases you may have more options available, while on other occasions you will barely be able to touch anything within the menu.

In short, as you can see, these are the most common problems that will affect the Wi-Fi of your television. It is important that you review what can happen in your case and thus manage to have a good wireless connection.

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