If you have these WiFi repeaters you will not be able to watch Netflix or YouTube

One of the reasons to install wifi repeaters Today it is being able to connect the television or a laptop to the Internet and have good coverage. For example to see netflix or youtube in high definition, it is essential to have a good connection. If the speed is bad, the videos will be cut and we will have problems to see them. Now why some Wi-Fi repeaters can prevent you from watching Netflix or YouTube? We are going to talk about it in this article. We will give some advice so that you do not have problems.

Bad repeaters for Netflix or YouTube

The idea of ​​having Wi-Fi repeaters at home is to be able to expand coverage. For example if the signal does not reach a room well. But in addition to having coverage, it is also necessary that the speed be adequate. Especially for certain uses, such as viewing streaming content in 4K.

The problem with having a bad repeater is that the speed can be very weak. Perhaps the signal arrives and you can connect from the television or from the computer, but you will notice that the quality is not good. If you do a speed test, you see that you get very little or you notice small interruptions continuously when you enter the Internet.

Why is this happening? Generally this happens when we buy a poor quality device. Sometimes we come across a good offer, a very cheap product, and we try to buy it in the hope that the coverage will improve and we can connect the television to watch Netflix or YouTube if the router is too far away.

At other times we may have problems simply because the Wi-Fi repeater has very limited features. It works fine, we connect to it, but it can’t really deliver what we need to watch Netflix or YouTube in 4K. We see that the videos are cut and, ultimately, it does not work as we would like. This happens for some reasons like these that we mentioned:

  • It is not double band: One of the reasons is that it is not dual band and you can only connect to 2.4 GHz. This will prevent you from taking full advantage of the speed. Think that to play 4K videos at least you need 25 Mbps so that it does not cut off. If the repeater can’t offer that speed, you’re going to have problems.
  • It saturates when connecting several devices: It may also happen that the model you are using has a limit in terms of devices that you can connect. As soon as you start connecting devices, it can make it very slow and choppy and you can’t watch Netflix or YouTube.
  • has little range: You should also avoid low-range Wi-Fi repeaters. Surely you want the signal to reach the television well and if it does not have much range it will be weak, which means that the speed will not be correct.

Tips for choosing a good Wi-Fi amplifier

So how should we choose the Wi-Fi repeater to use Netflix or YouTube without problems? You must take into account several factors, but mainly that it has a good speed. You can look at the features and see whether or not it is suitable for viewing streaming content in maximum quality. You should check that it is double band as well.

Our advice is that you look at different models, compare and look for information on each of them. you can also read comments and ratings from other people who use it. That will help you better understand if they are going to be useful for what you need or, on the contrary, they are not going to really improve your connection.

But one point that you must take into account is the installation of the repeater. Is important that you place it well in order to make the most of the resources available to you. That will help you connect the television, computer or any device and watch streaming content without cuts.

In short, as you can see, you should avoid Wi-Fi repeaters that do not have good quality if your goal is to watch Netflix or YouTube. Avoid those unknown models, which have bad ratings and characteristics that do not allow you to see content in good quality.

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