So they can hack your keyboard, but avoiding it is in your hand

This problem can appear both on mobile devices and on the computer. It does not matter if we are talking about a physical keyboard or one on the screen, since in both cases we can have similar problems. It has always been a way widely used by cybercriminals to steal access codes.

how to hack a keyboard

But how exactly do they hack a keyboard? How could they gain control of this device and see everything we write? The most common is what is known as keylogger. It is a malware, a Trojan, that sneaks into the system. Basically it is a malicious file that will be “reading” everything you write. All passwords or any data you enter will be recorded. With this, hackers will control the keyboard.

Although more complex, they could also attack wireless keyboards. If you have a keyboard that works via Bluetooth, it may be subject to attack. The information will travel wirelessly, just like any similar device used to send and receive data. They could intercept that information if they exploited a vulnerability in the keyboard. It is not easy, but it is one more option.

There is also the option of exploiting a bug in the keyboard drivers. What they do is look for some vulnerability that they can exploit to take control of the keyboard, through the software. They could read everything we write, as well as modify that data so that what we put on the screen does not correspond to what appears.

There is a fourth option which is physically attack keyboard. In this case, what they are going to do is modify the device at the hardware level. It’s not always easy to identify when this occurs, so it could be a significant hazard. We see a clear example in ATMs, although it can also occur in public computers.

What to do to avoid these attacks

Now, what can we do to avoid attacks of this type against keyboards? A very important factor is not make mistakes. Avoid downloading unofficial software. This can be the cause of malware entering and being able to control the keyboard through a keylogger, as we have explained.

You should also have All updated. To correct vulnerabilities that may exist, it is best to have the latest versions of the software. Here we can mention the operating system, applications that you use and the drivers of the device. It prevents them from exploiting any component through failures.

On the other hand, if you are going to use foreign keyboards, as it can be in an ATM or a public computer, be careful with the risk that they are modified. In the case of the ATM, we recommend that you use the contactless bank card, but also putting the PIN on the screen, when possible, and not using the physical keyboard. When you use a public PC, be careful with the data you put.

In short, as you can see, they can hack a keyboard and put your security at risk. They could steal your personal data and passwords. It is key to take measures to increase security and not make mistakes that can expose you on the network. They can create a keylogger to steal passwords, but you can take measures so that it does not affect you.

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