If you need another language when working with Office, here’s how you can change it

Ways to change the language in Microsoft 365

Next, we are going to see different ways to change the language for the Microsoft office suite.

Change editing language

Changing the language in Office 365 is quite easy, since the language can be installed in Windows and it will help us to write it. To do this, what we are going to do first is to access the Windows Configuration section by pressing the keyboard shortcut Windows + I. Here we will select time and language and later in Region and language. Within the section of preferred languageswe click on Add a language. We select the language we want to download and allow Windows to download it.

Later, we select the new language from the language selector in the system tray.

Windows keyboard layout

Now, we open a Microsoft 365 app (Word, Excel, or PowerPoint). Later we click on “File” which will open a new window where we click on “Options”. Next, in the new pop-up window we click on “Language”. Here, in the section Proofreading and Office Authoring Languages select the language and click Set as preferred. This option allows us to manage languages ​​used to create and edit documents, including proofing tools such as spell and grammar check.

Proofreading and Office Authoring Languages

The only thing left is to restart the application so that the changes are applied correctly and we have the new language established.

Change display language

It’s possible to change the language of the user interface for Microsoft 365 Apps, making buttons, menus, and other controls appear in the first available language in the list. To do this we follow a few simple steps.

Simply, we must open the application in which we want to change the language. Then click on the tab Archive at the top left and click Options. Next, we go to the tab Language. Here we find the section Languages ​​to display in Office, where we must check if the desired language appears. Otherwise, we click on Add a language.

Add a language to Office

We select the language we want to install, which will cause our browser to open to download the language pack. We run the executable file and allow both download and installation to take place. Once finished, we open a Microsoft 365 application. We click on Archivelater in Options and Language. Now we select the language that we have added in the Languages ​​section to display in Office. Now we only have to select the language and click on it. upload button to make it the first language in the list, so that buttons, menus, and other controls are displayed in that language.

Upload language to display in Office

Finally, we restart the application so that the changes are carried out correctly and the new language for its interface is established.

Download language pack

In the event that we do not have the desired language, it is possible to download the package so that we can use them in any program, it is something that we can do in a simple way by downloading it from the page that Microsoft has enabled for it.

Therefore, we must download the package from the Microsoft website. It will only be necessary to select one of the more than 50 available languages ​​from the drop-down menu and then the version of the file that we need, whether it is 32-bit or 64-bit.

Download languages ​​for Office from the Microsoft website

To know first-hand what version we have installed on our computer, click on the file section of any Office application and click on File and then on Bill. In the new window that appears, click on the button About Word/Excel/PowerPoint. This will bring up a new window with the terms and license of the software. Here, at the top, the version appears and at the end it tells us if it is 32 or 64 bits.

Office version installed

Once we know the version that we must download, we proceed to download it and carry out its installation following the steps of the wizard. Once installed it will be possible to change the language to the new language.

Check spelling and grammar in another language

If we want that, when writing in Office applications such as PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook Publisher or Word, it is in charge of checking the spelling and grammar in another language, we can easily change it. To do this, from the toolbar of any of these applications, click on the Review tab. Then we click on the button Language and again in language. Lastly, in Set proofing language.

Set proofing language

This will open a new window where we must select the new language on which we want to make the spelling corrections and select it. For this, it is important to make these adjustments from the beginning of the document since it starts counting from the moment we start writing.

word editor

Once this is done, click on the Start tab and inside the section Editor. From here we can do a manual check of the spelling and grammar of the document that we are writing so that we can work correctly and without mistakes.

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