If you use this famous website to upload files to the Internet, you will no longer be able to enter

use the cloud it is something that is widespread. It is a way to have the files always available, to create backup copies and share documents with third parties. However, there is always the risk that a service we use for it stops working or has a problem. In this article we echo how a very popular page has stopped working. We are going to explain why and we will give you some tips to avoid problems if this happens with a service you use.

Is about anonfiles, a well-known page where you can upload files to the cloud anonymously. You do not need to register, or give any information. An option to share documents with other people, for example. But now, after a long time running, it has closed and can no longer be used.

Close Anonfiles

Because has closed Anonfiles? As they have indicated, their proxy provider stopped serving them and they can no longer manage the large amount of material uploaded to their site. Basically, they indicate that there are users who uploaded too much material to the platform and cannot correctly manage so many files.

They indicate that they have used many patterns to automate the locking of files. For example, they have blocked certain names and certain patterns. This has mistakenly removed legitimate files as well. Despite this, the volume of data was too large and they can’t control it properly.

But something that has been behind Anonfiles in recent times is the malware. Many users have reported that they were redirected to malicious sites when trying to download a file. Also malicious advertising, with the aim of stealing data, passwords or sneaking in some type of virus.

Even this service has been used directly by hackers to upload malicious software. Being anonymous, they could easily host content that was malware. This has been able to affect many users who, by mistake, ended up downloading a document or any file created just to attack.

Safely use the cloud on mobile

Protect your files well

The closure of Anonfiles makes us rethink whether our files are really safe in the cloud. Could they just disappear and lose everything? The truth is that yes. After all, we depend on a foreign service us. Now, logically it is not usual. In fact, the normal thing is that, if a platform closes, they notify you with a certain amount of time.

He risk It will always be there, so our advice is not to play a card. In other words, do not have all your files, the backup copies, on a single platform. You should have at least a couple of them. Also, if you can, it is a good idea that you have these backup copies both in the cloud and on physical disks.

Your goal should be have the files well protected, keep them safe so as not to find yourself in the situation that you have lost important documents. You should always carry out a periodic review, to confirm that there are no problems and that you have everything perfectly protected, safe.

Ultimately, Anonfiles closes. A popular service for uploading files to the cloud is no longer available. You can even have your own NAS server, to upload files to the cloud and always have them available. That will help you avoid problems in case a platform closes.

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