Advantages and disadvantages of sharing Internet via Bluetooth

Therefore, sharing the Internet via Bluetooth is simply using this wireless network technology to be able to give internet access to another device you don’t have. We will be able to do it on many mobiles that are compatible with this function.

Advantages and disadvantages

As is always the case, there are positive and negative aspects What should we consider. If you decide to share the Internet via Bluetooth between devices, you should be aware that it has certain limitations and, in many cases, you will have much worse results than if you share via Wi-Fi. But you will also see some advantages that can be useful at times.

Positive points

If we start with the advantages, one of them is that we are going to create a much more limited network. What does this mean? Range is going to be less. Bluetooth reaches much less than Wi-Fi and can only reach a few tens of meters at most.

This will increase security, since a possible intruder will have to be closer to the mobile with which we share the network. It will not be able to detect that connection if it is further away.

Another clear advantage is that you will be able to use it on devices that do not have Wi-Fi card or it is damaged. If, for example, you have a laptop that needs the Internet and you use an external network adapter and you have forgotten it at home or it does not work well, as long as it has integrated Bluetooth you will be able to share a network.

One more point that we can consider positive, although with nuances, is that it will require less configuration. It is easier to activate and quickly have a connection without having to do much more. If you are interested in having access to the network without having to carry out multiple steps, it is another advantage to take into account.

For example, you will be able to connect without having to create a password as you would have to do with Wi-Fi. As the devices are linked together, there is no need to use a key. This will make the whole process faster.


If we go to the disadvantages section, we can say that they are more than the advantages. One of them is the speed. If you want to surf the Internet fast, it is not the best option at all. Bluetooth is a much slower technology than Wi-Fi. It will be much more limited and it is not ideal for watching streaming videos or downloading large files, for example.

Another obvious negative point is the distance. You will not be able to connect devices from very far away. Maybe it will be useful if, for example, you are on a bus and you want to share the connection with the person next to you, but it would not be worth it to connect devices in a house as soon as you move away a little since it will start to go wrong or it will be cut off directly.

The energy consumption is also an inconvenience. Although Bluetooth has improved a lot in recent years in this regard, it is still quite far compared to Wi-Fi when it comes to sharing an Internet connection. You will see that it will drain the battery more quickly than if you were to use Wi-Fi.

Beyond speed, it will also affect the latency. The ping or latency is important to be as low as possible. This can affect a video call, an online game or simply browsing. You may notice cuts and that it is impossible to establish communication, for example.

On the other hand, there is also the limit of the number of devices connected. By Wi-Fi you will be able to connect several without problems. On the other hand, if you are going to share the Internet via Bluetooth, only a specific device can connect to the network.

How to share network by Bluetooth

So how can we share internet via bluetooth? The first thing you need is to have two devices compatible with this technology, although today it is common. From there, you will have to go to the device from which you are going to share data, enter Settings, Connections and go to Internet sharing and Modem. Different options will appear there and you click on Bluetooth Modem.

Share Internet via Bluetooth

The next step is to use the device that needs to connect to the network. You have to go to Settings, Bluetooth and there find the computer that shares the network. It is necessary to link it and establish a connection between the two. The first device will receive a request to pair it.

It is important that on the device you are going to use to connect to the network, you click on the menu that appears at the top right (next to the name of the other device) and check the box for Use for internet connection. From there, if both are compatible and everything goes well, you will start to receive an Internet connection.

To give you an idea, in our test we have shared Internet via Bluetooth from a phone to a tablet, with good coverage and speed on the phone, and when doing a speed test it has come out less than 0.50 Mbps both down and going up. However, this will also depend on the Bluetooth version you have. But logically you will not have results as if you connected via Wi-Fi.

These steps may change depending on the version you have, but this is usually the case for most mobile phones. You will simply have to look for a similar option.


In short, as you can see share internet via bluetooth. It is not the best option, since the speed is going to be very limited and it has other disadvantages as you have seen. But it is an alternative on certain occasions, when you cannot share a network through Wi-Fi for some reason.

It is something that you will be able to configure in a simple way, without the need to use a password by being able to link the devices to each other. You can connect a tablet to a mobile, for example, without major difficulties. Also, pairing between devices is quite fast with current versions of Bluetooth.

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