If you want to test Windows 11, the OS is now (a little) more stable

If you want to test Windows 11, but are worried about the stability of your system, good news: the OS is now available in beta. This doesn’t guarantee that you’ll be bug-free, but it should save you the most annoying instabilities.

The new version of Windows continues to gain ground. Released on June 24, Microsoft’s new OS has just arrived in the Beta channel for Windows Insider members. Good news for those who did not want to wipe off the plasters of the very first versions of the OS.

A little less bugs

Until now reserved for members registered on the Dev channel (the most unstable of all), Windows 11 has just broadened its user base a little thanks to the arrival of a beta version supposedly more stable.

The 22000.100 version of Microsoft’s new operating system should therefore pose fewer problems for those who would like to try the OS. Coming to the beta channel doesn’t mean you won’t run into any bugs, but at least the most annoying bugs should be fixed. This should allow Microsoft to collect more feedback on its OS, whose hardware compatibility is still rather unclear.

As Microsoft indicates, the beta channel benefits from updates that are “more reliable than the builds of the [du] development channel ”// Source: Screenshot

Since this version is common to both Dev and Beta channels, it is possible for members of the former to switch to the latter for a short time. You will be able to continue to enjoy Windows 11 without being exposed to too important bugs. The Beta channel will then evolve more slowly than the Dev to give the teams time to correct the various problems.

There are always risks

If Microsoft judges that its OS is stable enough to be offered to a larger part of the computer park in circulation, we do not recommend that you install this version on your main machine. Even in beta, you may experience various instabilities or compatibility issues.

If you know what you’re doing and are willing to take the risk, we walk you through how to test Windows 11 pre-releases here. Simply choose the “Beta” development cycle over Dev when enlisting in the Windows Insider program.

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