IKEA: here is the new collection dedicated to gaming

It will debut next October in all stores IKEA the new collection dedicated to gaming, created in collaboration with Asus ROG and of which we had already given you a brief preview at the beginning of the year.

This is a small event for the Swedish company which, although many also use its furniture to play (at the moment I’m writing to my gaming station from an IKEA desk), had never really been interested in the furniture market. gaming furniture.

From IKEA comes the collection of furniture and accessories dedicated to gaming

Well, all this is about to change because, thanks to the collaboration with Asus ROG, next October an entire new collection called “gaming range” will debut in stores, which will include a bit of everything; from chairs to accessories, from desks to storage solutions.

And while some accessories and furniture simply look like existing IKEA products that have been redone to look more “gamer”, there are actually many other items made specifically for the collaboration.

IKEA Gaming Accessories

These also include headphone stands, a cup holder, a ring light lamp and some really aggressive mouse pads.

However, there are also some more interesting products such as the UPSSPEL motorized desk, with electric height adjustment (which will cost around 500 euros), and the modular wall panel. pegboard with RGB LED lighting, useful for hanging, cables, accessories and other gadgets.

And even if it doesn’t seem difficult to identify IKEA-branded gaming furniture and accessories in the exhibition areas, thanks to their unmistakable design dictated by Asus ROG, you can always try to locate the collection with the usual unpronounceable names of the new collections: UPPSPEL, LÅNESPELARE , MATCHSPEL, GRUPPSPEL, UTESPELARE and HUVUDSPELARE.

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