Returnal for PS5: latest updates on the PS5 exclusive

PlayStation 5 has started its journey with a shortage when it comes to exclusive games . Fortunately, the situation will change radically throughout the first quarter of 2021. In fact, one of the most anticipated titles is to fall, since it will be released on March 19.

It is about by Returnal, developed by Housemarque Games. Although the study is not widely known in the industry, the announcement raised a lot of excitement. The level of hype has been increasing as various aspects of the title became known. Recently the company itself has revealed additional details .

Customize the controls as you want

The first thing that has caught the attention of the latest statements made by the study is related to adaptive triggers. Sony knows that they are not to everyone’s liking, although they represent a great technological advance . But it is to be expected that certain companies will obey the obligation to use them. This is not the case with Housemarque Games.

They have just confirmed that gamers who prefer to do without this new feature of the PS5 controllers will be able to do so without problems. For this purpose it will be enough to customize the controls, specifically those associated with the shooting modes .

This will respect the tastes of those players more traditional users who prefer to enjoy an experience that may not be so realistic, although the developer company indicates that it is more enjoyed by making the most of the possibilities offered by the DualSense .

As the developers point out, what will impact the community the most will be the way of controlling the camera . Sensitivity and fluidity will be evident in each turn that the player intends to perform, thus giving a sense of dynamism that is not usually palpable in video games released so far.

Infinite Roguelike

Returnal aims to be a video game that pays for itself to the maximum financially by the players who acquire it. For this purpose, all his dungeons are randomly generated . None is identical to another. In fact, the similarities are rather rare.

Therefore, the experience is different all the time. The loop alters not only the layout of the mapping, but also each object that you will have . This will lead to you having to draw different strategies if you want to progress in scenarios full of hostile creatures that will provide you with many hours of fun.

Difficulties in development

It is far from common for a company to admit that it has dealt with complications when developing a video game. However, Housemarque Games has preferred to be honest.

Specifically, it has done so by stating that the step to three dimensions -having always been a study focused on 2D- created headaches for developers, designers and other team members. Even so, they are very satisfied with the result, which is almost final in the absence of a few weeks to come to light.

What has been seen so far in the published gameplays surprises with its enormous quality graph. A clear example resides in the light particles that are shown on the screen when an explosion occurs.

Despite the frenzy that the games distil, this does not take its toll on the frame rate. The FPS remain stable at all times without showing downturns of any kind.

Beyond the technical section, Housemarque Games has focused on gameplay . It is for this reason that the development time exceeded the initial forecasts of the team.

Even so, without raising crunch As other companies such as Rockstar have done with Red Dead Redemption 2 and CD-Projekt with Cyberpunk 2077, the game will be released on schedule, becoming one of the most desired PS5 exclusives .

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