Image2LEGO create 3D models with LEGO pieces easily

How to create LEGO brick models quickly

For those of us who enjoy with LEGO building blocks, being able to assemble different sets such as LEGO Super Mario, LEGO Friends or LEGO Technics among others, always seems like a good plan. But it is not the only fun and interesting, also the idea of ​​being able to take blocks to shape our own ideas is attractive.

The problem is that it is not always easy, especially if you want to make certain structures or shapes. Therefore, resorting to certain applications is useful and LEGO knows it, hence its editor. This, in turn, also serves to shape all those projects that users send later to see if they get enough support for the company to value carrying them out.

However, there is a much more fun application for many and especially for the little ones, because thanks to the use of an AI it is able to interpret a 2D image in a reproducible model based on LEGO pieces.

How Image2LEGO works

Image2LEGO it is an application or a tool, call it what you want, that has been created by MIT. The basis of its operation is easy to explain, but more complex to carry out. Hence it is so interesting.

The first thing the system does is perform a 3D model of the 2D image that has been used. To do this, it makes use of an AI that, together with a database, identifies the object in order to create its equivalent based on LEGO blocks, but it is not an immediate process.

After creating the first 3D image, the system performs a series of additional steps processing the same image in different resolutions. That is what allows you to create a series of data that you then transformed into the different LEGO blocks that can be found.

Of course, you might think that this is like “pixelating” an image well to give the feeling of being created with LEGO bricks. Well, without falling into simplification it is true that it could be said that yes, but there is more. Image2LEGO too subsequently generate an instruction sheet with the total number of blocks and the steps to follow to carry it out, as if it were a company set.

Results that can still be improved

Being a new project as it says, the results can still be improved much more. Because now more or less basic figures are not completely convincing. But they can also serve as a basis for those who do not know where to start creating a replica of a certain object based on LEGOS can. For example, it may be interesting to create a copy of a face, something that in itself is not so simple.

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