In these cases you have to scan with the antivirus manually

When to scan manually with antivirus

Usually it is not necessary to open the antivirus and give it to analyze. The program itself is always working in the background, looking for files that could be dangerous and reviewing everything that we download from the network. But there are situations in which we must analyze it manually to avoid problems.

analyze something in particular

One reason to manually scan with your antivirus is when you need to review something in particular. For example a file that you have recently downloaded, a folder where you save programs to install, etc. What you do is basically enhance security and check that everything is correct.

Although the antivirus will automatically be checking the entire computer, it may miss something or we simply want to make that check more complete. In this case, it will be necessary to open the antivirus and give it a manual analysis.

When installing it for the first time

It’s also a good idea to perform a manual scan when we install the antivirus for the first time. In this way, it will completely check the system in search of threats and will be able to launch an alert in case there is a problem that we must correct as soon as possible and thus prevent the entry of viruses.

This will also allow the antivirus to better review the system and from there perform more optimized automatic scans, without leaving any section that may contain security threats.

After installing some program

It’s a good idea to run a manual antivirus scan after installing any programs. Especially if it’s a vital application for the systemsuch as software that has to use other installed programs or manage sensitive information that we may have stored on the computer.

In these cases, it is advisable to carry out a manual analysis with the antivirus and thus rule out problems. So right after you install the software, and before you even start using it, you can run a scan.

double check

Of course, one more case is when you want double check. The antivirus will perform scans automatically, but you may want to check once more if there really is a virus or if everything on the computer is safe and there is no problem. This will help download many problems.

Therefore, it is as simple as opening the antivirus, be it Microsoft Defender or any other you use, and give it a scan. Sometimes you will have different options to make that analysis faster or much more complete, which will take longer to finish but will give more confidence.

In short, as you can see there are different circumstances in which it is convenient to carry out an analysis with the antivirus manually. However, our advice is always to use good security programs. You can even analyze files online.

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