iOS 17 gives the iPhone what we wanted

After knowing all the details that the different Apple operating systems will have at the Developers Conference, we cannot say that iOS 17 is going to be a true revolution for the iPhone. However, Apple has introduced a feature that many users have been, and have been, asking for for a while. Keep reading that we tell you what it is.

Apple brings widgets back to life

One of the most striking innovations that Apple has introduced in iOS in recent years have been widgets., and the truth is that we can classify it as a total success, since it has allowed two fundamental things. On the one hand, gives users the possibility to consult certain information in a much more comfortable and visual way, since in the end each one can customize both the data that the widget itself shows as well as its size. The second aspect to note is that It has given rise to customize the aesthetics of the iPhone much more and, specifically, of the different screens of the users, something that, of course, is appreciated.

However, the reality is that all of them, or at least the vast majority, were missing something in the widgets, since in the end, as we have mentioned before, the functionality or advantage they provided was being able to see information in a very visual way. , but you did not have the opportunity to interact with said information without entering the application. Well then, Interactive widgets have arrived with iOS 17allowing you to do just that, perform actions with the widget without having to enter the app itself.

This will allow developers to make much more interesting and functional widgets that allow users to perform simple actions without having to fully enter the application. An example can be a list of tasks, which you can cross off without having to enter the app, simply from the screen of your iPhone. Currently there are already widgets that with the iOS 17 beta allow you to do it, but between now and the official version comes out in September, surely many more apps will take advantage of this new function that Apple has incorporated.

The iPad will also have interactive widgets

Another great news is that the iPhone will not be the only Apple device that will have interactive widgets, in fact, the Cupertino company did not announce this function with the iPhone, but with the iPad, and that is that in the end it makes much more sense to be able to interact with them on a screen as large as the iPad than on the iPhone, although it will really be just as functional on both.

In addition, it is great news because the inclusion of Apple widgets was not done in the same way as the update of the interactive widgets, and that is that at the time, the iPhone was the device chosen by the company to enjoy this exclusive function. Therefore, it is to be celebrated that this “update” reaches both teams in the same way.

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