iPhone 15: farewell to the notch?

More and more voices point to the iPhone 15, the generation that will be presented in September 2023, It will mean the final farewell to the notchthe most characteristic notch that accompanies Apple smartphones since the iPhone X, and in which the speaker for phone calls, the front camera and, of course, all the necessary elements for the correct operation of Face ID are integrated, the biometric identification system that replaced Touch ID.

I will not deny, of course, that the notch steals some of the space from the screen, but on the other hand, I have seen it as a hallmark of the iPhone for a long time. I’m not saying it’s better or worse, mind you, just that it’s a very characteristic element (in its early days some Android device manufacturers chose to replicate it, even without being necessary, since these devices did not integrate systems like Face ID), and I think that when this change arrives, predictably on the iPhone 15, although perhaps with an advance on the iPhone 14 Pro, seeing it will be quite strange for me.

Be that as it may, and unlike other rumors that suggested that normal models (that is, not the Pro ones) would still have to live with the notch for a few more years, Ross Young points out, in a tweetto what The four iPhone 15 models will have a double perforation on the screen that will replace the notch. something that is an open secret that Apple has been wanting for years, since its satisfaction with Face ID is clouded by the need for the notch.

This would therefore be the design that has already been raised that may debut on the iPhone 14 Pro, with a circular perforation and a rectangular one with circular lateral ends, a shape that has led to its being called a “pill” in some circles, since it is very reminiscent of the two-dimensional representation of the classic medicinal capsules. Thus, after being tested for a year on the Pro models, this new screen design would jump to all versions of the iPhone 15.

I already mentioned it when we first talked about that design, and I confirm again that this design puzzles me a lot. I understand that Apple wants to end the notch, but personally I find this option much less aesthetic than the notch, which is perfectly integrated into the design of the phone. We will have to wait for the arrival of the iPhone 15 to see the final result, and if the recovery of that screen space justifies the appearance of those two spheres, but to this day, I do not finish seeing it clearly.

What do you think? Do you think it would be a good idea for Apple to abandon the notch in exchange for the two perforations on the screen on the iPhone 15? Or, on the contrary, do you think that the engineering and design teams should work a little harder, to come up with a more optimal solution?

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