IPTV: the police of this country will knock on the door of subscribers to pirate boxes

Some illegal IPTV box buyers must be in a cold sweat. English police have announced the start of a mission to visit British customers of an illegal streaming service. The objective is to inform, but the police reserve the right to take harsher action.

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UK doesn’t mess around when it comes to broadcast rights and intellectual property. There are ever-increasing stories of ordinary citizens being prosecuted, sometimes even criminally, for illegally consuming pirated content. The Torrentfreak site relates the details of thepunch operation “ carried out against IPTV users by the British police.

After apprehending the operator of a platform for distributing pirated content and seizing his equipment, the English authorities decided to crack down on all levels. The main defendant incurs a prison sentence for having sold his pirate boxes, but it is not impossible that some of his customers accompany him. Wanting to make an example, the organization identified nearly 1,000 subscribers to the illegal service. Rather than fine them by mail while ordering them to cease their reprehensible activity, they are going to pay them a little visit in person.

Police ‘tour’ illegal service clients during January

FACT is a company specializing in the fight against counterfeiting, cybercrime, fraud and other crimes related to intellectual property”. “Protect, prevent, detect, deter, disrupt and dismantle, always keeping in mind the ultimate penalties of criminal and civil prosecution is the philosophy of this anti-piracy consortium.

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Commenting on the mission starting today in the UK, FACT says: throughout January, FACT and police visit homes across the UK, to call on individuals to cease illegal streaming activities with immediate effect and warn them of the risks involved.” That said, no criminal prosecution is planned during these “raids”. The discourse is intended above all to be dissuasive, the secondary objective being to inform. Indeed, IPTV boxes and associated services present a real security hazard for users. They help spread malware, scams and other viruses.

Source : Torrentfreak

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