Is Chrome bad for you? Reset extensions to fix it

Why reset extensions in Chrome

Sometimes we install a browser plugin and it starts to malfunction. It may happen right away or even over time, after some update or change in the settings. We restart the browser, run the antivirus, update the system and the programs… But nevertheless we see that it remains the same and Chrome hangs, is slow, gives errors from time to time, etc.

This is sometimes due to extensions. And of course, if it is a specific add-on that has crashed or does not work well, even if we restart the browser the problem usually continues. This forces us to restart them manually. On many occasions it is the only option for everything to work well again.

Although it would also be worth the option of uninstall the extension and reinstall it, in this case what we are going to do is simply restart it. This way we will not lose the plugin and we will not have to install it again, since it is still something that we use frequently and we need it to remain installed.

Steps to restart plugins

So what can we do to reset the plugins and not have to uninstall them? The process is really simple. In Chrome we have to go to the menu on the top right, we enter More tools and we are going to extensions. There it will show us a window with all the add-ons that we have installed.

If you notice, just to the right of each extension there is a small tab that you can enable or disable. That basically serves to turn the plugin off or on. As long as it is activated, the extension will work. If we turn it off, it is as if we had uninstalled it, although it will still be there.

Therefore, we simply have to disable extension, we close the browser, we reopen it and we activate that plugin again. In this way we will have restarted it and we will be able to solve certain problems that may have occurred and that are affecting the performance of the browser.

However, although we can do this with a specific extension, if you don’t really know which one may be causing the problem, it is best to restart all the ones you have installed. The process is the same, only you would have to deactivate all of them and then activate them again.

Tips for using plugins

If you are going to install extensions in Chrome, it is important that you follow a series of tips to avoid problems. It is undoubtedly one of the sources of malware entry, they can spy on you and can also cause problems that slow down the Internet connection and generate all kinds of failures.

Install only from official sources

The first thing is to install the extensions only from official sources. For example, in the case of the Google browser, we would have to go to the official Chrome store and install the add-ons we need there. It is true that we can sometimes find them on other third-party sites, but they could be a security risk and have been maliciously modified by a hacker.

Therefore, whenever you are going to install an extension you have to download it from the browser’s official store. You can also see possible comments from other users, search for information on the Internet and verify that it really is something safe and you won’t have any problems installing it.

Check that the browser is up to date

Another important point is to check that the browser is up to date. We must always have the latest versions to make it work as well as possible, without problems, but also to maintain security and correct any vulnerability that may exist and be used by a hacker.

In the case of Chrome, to update it you have to go to the menu at the top right, click on Help, go to Google Chrome Information and there it will show us the version that we have installed and, in case there is a more recent one available, It will install it automatically. It is essential that we check this from time to time.

Update Google Chrome

Check the extensions periodically

We must also check the extensions from time to time. First of all, keep them up to date. But also its function. Sometimes a plugin can change and have a completely different function because it has changed developers or owners. And this is not always good.

You have to go to the Chrome menu, enter More tools, Extensions and there see which ones we have installed. If we see something strange, for example an add-on that has changed its name and we do not recognize or anything that causes us doubts, it is best to uninstall it directly.

Avoid installing too many

One more tip is do not install more extensions than necessary. After all, the more you install, the more resources they will consume. This can affect the performance of the browser, have more security risks and can cause problems that can ultimately affect browsing.

Therefore, although having extensions in Chrome can be interesting in order to carry out certain tasks and even optimize browsing, we should set a limit and not have many installed. At least, it is not convenient to have too many active, since we can have them installed and only activate them when we are going to use them.


In short, if you have problems with Chrome and you think it may be due to some extension that you have recently installed, you can reset them. The process is very simple and this can solve certain errors that appear when browsing and that can prevent everything from working correctly.

However, whenever you are going to use extensions you should take into account the advice we have given when installing and using them. It is essential that they are updated, that the browser is properly configured and always install this type of add-on from official sources and thus avoid security problems that may appear.

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