simple tricks to pay less

If you like save on the electricity bill, you will be able to do it thanks to some tips that we are going to give you. It really isn’t that complicated, as long as you know what consumes the most energy and how you can reduce spending. You will see that, just by making some adjustments or small changes, you can notice significant savings on your electricity bill each month.

Note that Not all devices consume the same. An oven or a lit stove is not the same as a light bulb or a laptop. Therefore, one of the keys will be to control the consumption of what spends the most. Just with that, just by configuring some parameters well, you can save a lot.

Easy tricks to save

And no, you don’t need to make deep changes, nor complex ones. You will have everything at your fingertips and you will only have to make some changes or change certain habits to see results. You will be able to apply this at any time, although it is during times like winter when you might have the most margin to save.

Configure your devices well

This is essential. Many appliances, such as the dishwasher or washing machine, will have different settings that you can configure. For example, you could put the Eco mode on the dishwasher and save energy. It will work at lower power, but in many cases it will be more than enough to wash the dishes.

You can do the same with any other device you use on a daily basis. You will be able to configure the necessary settings to spend fewer resources, always without having to give up functionality. The objective is to find a balance that helps save energy, especially in appliances that consume more.

Regulates the temperature

Without a doubt, something that can cause you to consume a lot of electricity is using the air conditioning or a heater. Therefore, on days of intense heat or extreme cold, energy consumption can skyrocket. This is why it is essential to control the temperature well and not spend more than necessary.

To give you an idea, go down or up a grade The thermostat can make you spend or save over 7%. You don’t need to have your home at 23 degrees in winter, or 20 in summer. You can simply have an adequate level of comfort and not have temperatures that cause excessive consumption.

Iberdrola advice when using heating

Be careful with impulses

The last thing we have explained leads us to talk about this point. You may come home in summer and it is very hot outside or in winter, it may be very cold. He impulse It could be turning on the air conditioning at a very low temperature or turning the heating on too high. What you want is to change the temperature of the house as quickly as possible.

But, this is a mistake. The interesting thing is that you always maintain a stable temperature and do not set the air too low or the heating too high. You really aren’t going to need it and what you’re going to end up doing is spending more energy than necessary. Furthermore, turning these devices on and off is also a mistake.

Disconnect what you don’t need

By this we refer to the phantom consumption. It is everything that is going to consume energy, even if you don’t really need it. For example, having the television on Stand By, with the red LED on, will consume electricity. Also have chargers plugged in, appliances connected that you don’t use, etc.

It is estimated that phantom consumption can account for over 10% of the total energy we use per month. Therefore, reducing this unnecessary expense is important. It can save you a lot on your bill.

As you can see, you can save energy at home simply by making some simple changes at home. You can spend less on electricity each month and control the cost of appliances that consume the most. If you use home automation, it can be interesting to see the connected devices.

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