Is it dangerous to have multiple web browsers installed?

Whether for leisure or work, the truth is that today we spend a good number of hours in front of our computer or mobile, browsing the internet. For this we use specific programs in the form of browsers such as Google Chrome, Edge or Firefoxamong many others.

Depending on our priorities when browsing, we have a multitude of browsers to choose from. There are those that are characterized by various functions that integrate or modes of operation. For example, we can find programs of this type that are characterized by be very light and not consume resources, for offering more privacy and security than the rest, or for being simple. However, the three that we have mentioned before are the most popular and used all over the world.

So much so that they are found on most of the devices of all those users who are connected at the moment. As Google Chrome is the undisputed leader in the sector, its most direct competitors work to try to gain the largest number of users. It must be recognized that microsoft is doing a great job with the second version of Edge, while firefox continues to prioritize security and privacy, and Chrome integrates with many of the firm’s services.

All browsers are packed with functions and features that try to improve our user experience. With everything and with it on certain occasions we also use other less popular proposals, but not worse for that. Overall, if there is one thing that characterizes this type of program, it is their high resource consumption as a rule.

Why do I need several browsers on the PC

Once we know all this, to which we add the privacy issues that some of these solutions offer us, we may wonder if it is dangerous to install several proposals with these characteristics simultaneously. Well, the first thing we should know is that when it comes to the danger that this could represent, it is zero. If we focus on the lack of security and privacy that these programs offer, all this is carried out from the program itself.

This means that these data collection functions only affect the browser itself, so it does not matter if we have one or three installed. In fact, at this point we could say that on certain occasions it is even beneficial. We tell you this because depending on what we give priority to at a certain moment, we can use one browser or another. For example, if we are looking for speed in loading websites we can select an option, or if we want to have maximum privacyuse another.

edge privacy

And it is not the same to move through web pages to read news, than access our bank accounts or make purchases online. What we should avoid is running several of these programs simultaneously. This is especially evident if we have a somewhat limited equipment in terms of internal specifications, or old.

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