Is it worth using PLC if I have the house wired?

PLC devices can be compatible with a wired home

At first we can say that the objective of the PLC devices is to bring the Internet from one point of the house to another. Let’s say we have the router in a room and we need to connect in other spaces further away and where Wi-Fi coverage does not reach. These devices use electrical wiring to expand connectivity.

But of course, the main idea of ‚Äč‚Äčthis is to bring the Internet to those dead zones where there is no Ethernet cable and where Wi-Fi does not reach or if it does reach it is very limited. So, is there any use in installing PLC devices if we had the house already wired? We must analyze it and it will depend on each case.

The main thing is to take into account in what way are we going to connect. It is important to see if we are going to use devices via Wi-Fi or, instead, we are going to connect via LAN cable. In the latter case, it may make less sense to use PLC devices as long as we have a good Ethernet installation that reaches the areas where we are going to connect.

But there is a point to note, and that is that PLC devices can have more than one Ethernet port. So, if for example in a room we are going to need to connect a computer and a television and we only have an Ethernet cable, we would need another device, such as a network switch to be able to do so. With PLC devices we can save this problem.

Problems with PLC devices

To connect equipment via Wi-Fi, PLCs are important

The thing changes if we are going to need connect other devices via Wi-Fi. This is the most common today, since many devices such as mobile phones, tablets, video players and even some laptops, do not have the ability to connect Ethernet cables.

Although we have a good LAN cable installation throughout the house, if we are going to connect devices wirelessly we will have to look for an alternative. That’s where PLC devices come in, as many models have the ability to also serve as wireless access point, beyond being able to connect the equipment by cable.

So, in this case it is when the fact of having PLC devices is most useful even though we have the whole house with an installation of Ethernet cables. They can be perfectly compatible and each of the options would fulfill its function, since on the one hand we can take advantage of those LAN cables to connect other devices, but in turn the PLCs will allow the creation of wireless access points and expand the options.

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