Is YouTube cut off? Tricks to improve the connection and not have problems

Basic tips to avoid cutting a video on YouTube

YouTube is undoubtedly one of the platforms for video playback most important globally. This means that when a problem arises it can affect many users. It is important to bear in mind that on many occasions certain errors appear when trying to watch a streaming video and that it could seriously hinder its proper functioning.

Luckily we can always take into account some general recommendations. In this way we will make the most of the connection and we will be able to watch YouTube videos without clipping. Generally, we will not need more than to keep our equipment in good condition at the hardware and software level.

Enhance the connection

Something basic that we can take into account is the fact of strengthening the connection. Today most devices connect via wireless networks. It is very useful to avoid using cables and also the Wi-Fi technology has improved considerably. However, sometimes there are coverage problems.

Therefore, what we are going to do is try to connect from a point where the signal be my best. Also, whenever we have the possibility, we will use network cable. When both solutions are not possible, we can use Wi-Fi repeaters, Mesh or PLC systems. Improving the Internet connection is essential.

Lower video quality

Without a doubt this point is also very interesting. If a video is cut on YouTube it could be because we are using a quality too high and the connection has no capacity for it. Simply by changing the quality we could have good results.

It is not the same to watch a video at 480P than at 4K, for example. The idea here is to find the middle ground between quality and stability. In this way we will see the videos well, but at the same time avoid them being cut due to a very high quality.

Avoid excessive use of the network

Are we using the connection with other devices? It would be interesting to avoid a excessive use. We should not be downloading or uploading large files to the cloud from another computer, for example. This could hamper the smooth running of the program and affect quality.

Our advice is to try to concentrate the connection on that device that we are using to be able to watch videos with good quality on YouTube without interruptions. For example we can pause automatic updates or similar.

Keep equipment safe and up-to-date

Another important issue is to have our equipment always protected. This will help the overall performance of the connection, and ultimately security, be adequate. It will prevent the entry of malware that can slow down the connection and also affect YouTube videos. We can use security programs, such as an antivirus or firewall.

But you also have to take into account the importance of keeping everything up to date. In this way we will not only improve performance, but also avoid vulnerabilities that can be exploited by third parties and that affect us. We must also always keep YouTube safe.

Avoid third-party programs

Whenever we use YouTube or any other streaming video platform and we want to avoid annoying cuts, something fundamental is to use official programs. We should never install third-party programs, although they may have certain improvements and features.

The fact of using official programs will ensure that we keep security in mind at all times, in addition to allowing us to navigate with good performance and optimized to our device to avoid cuts.

These are therefore some essential tips that we can keep in mind when we are going to play a YouTube video in Streaming and we do not want it to be cut. These are some simple steps that we can carry out.

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