It is one of the best shooters of recent years and you have it within reach on Steam

The shooter they are and will continue to be one of the genres preferred by users who simply want to go on an adventure, dish out lead to alien beasts, and at best be part of an active multiplayer community. And that is the case of the title that we bring you today, which was the consecration of a way of making video games that has clearly been successful and that has a name of its own in all of this: Vince Zampella.

Of call of duty a titanfall

Infinity Ward is one of the studios that are part of the franchise call of duty. Some games that began by shooting in World War II and soon moved to modern conflicts where he discovered a real gold mine. The first Modern Warfare 2 It went on sale in 2009 and was the instant in which the series became a mass phenomenon, selling millions of units in a few weeks and covering its developers in gold. But Vince Zampella was not very in agreement with that distribution and he complained.

Those differences led Vince to leave and sue Activision but while things were settled in court, decided to create a new studio which he called Respawn Entertainment. And surely you already know what comes next. He devised a franchise known as titanfall, which triumphed in sales, which allowed it to establish itself in the heat of Electronic Arts and little by little to spread its tentacles. First with a continuation as it was Titanfall 2 and then with him free2play Apex Legends.

But we are going to stay with the second installment. A great game that goes further in the history of the pilots of wicks from the future and that he came to play in his plot with space-time travel that made his development a true marvel.

On sale on Steam

The fact is that it does not matter the reason why you have not tried it yet but you have to play Titanfall 2especially seeing the price at which you can get it on Steam, which has been reduced by 90% to only 2.99 euros. This bargain will remain in the Valve store until February 2, the day on which it will return to the 29.99 it usually has.

Titanfall 2 not only does it have that campaign mode that Respawn Entertainment has decided not to give up, but it also it is accompanied by a multiplayer that remains active. It does not have the figures of players from other shooter more successful and more recent, but of course it is quite an achievement that after six years it still has its small portion of an active community within the multiplayer market.

That said, if you want to know why Respawn Entertainment is one of the best studios in the current world video game scene, you just have to take a walk around this Titanfall 2 and enjoy with one of the best shooter that have reached the market and that on PC it is within reach like few others. Are you going to pass up the opportunity to add it to your Steam library?

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